Update Your HCP-VM to the Latest Version

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If you have installed HCP-VM on your laptop with VMplayer and like or need to update to the latest version (6.0.1 in this example), you can use the following instructions.


WARNING: These instructions will result in removal of your current HCP virtual machine and data. You will have a complete new and fresh HCP after the completion of these instructions. This procedure does not preserve the data and configuration of your current HCP-VM.


First capture the front-end IP address of your HCP virtual machine.  In this document we assume that you are using  for the front-end network and  for the gateway.  For the rest of the settings we assume you have used the defaults during initial installation.


This document also assumes that you have installed your HCP Virtual Machines in  c:\vm\hcp.  Replace these assumptions in the instructions with your specific configuration if necessary.


Download the New HCP-VM Software

  1. CD to  c:\vm\hcp and (re)move all files (your current virtual machine and data)
  2. Download  HS423_6.0.1.92.zip  (Hitachi Content Platform VMware Evaluation Edition 6.0.1 Trial Kit)
  3. Once downloaded, open  HS423_6.0.1.92.zip  within the zip and extract the four  HCP-VM-Eval-Edition*.*   files to  c:\vm\hcp

  4. Optionally you can also extract the PDF manual


Add the New HCP-VM to Your VMplayer Library

  1. Start VMplayer
  2. In VMplayer, delete your current HCP virtual machine from the VMplayer library
  3. Go to File > Open Virtual Machine and select  c:\vm\hcp\HCP-VM-Eval-Edition
  4. Now select this HCP-VM virtual machine and click on "Edit Virtual Machine Settings"
  5. Select "Memory Configuration" and reduce the configured memory from 4GB to 1GB (good enough for most prototyping)
  6. Click OK to save changes
  7. Configure the new HCP virtual machine
  8. Select the HCP-VM virtual machine and click on "Play Virtual Machine"


Configure HCP Networking

  1. Click in the virtual machine screen to get control
  2. Login with "install" and "Chang3Me!"
  3. Press RETURN to get to the menu
  4. From the menu select [2] and confirm with [y] (these confirmations are typical for HCP)
  5. Configure Front-end [1] with the VMnet8 address with last octet set to 100.  For example we assume VMnet8 is 192.168.31.x.  You will use as the Front-end address.  Note: Use  ping as a simple test to check if the IP is currently used.
  6. Check Mask under option [2] to see that it is set to  If not, update it.
  7. Configure Front-end gateway address [3] with VMnet8 address with last octet set to 2.  For example as the Front-end gateway address.
  8. Leave the Back-end configuration with the defaults.
  9. Select [b] to complete this configuration, and restart the system
  10. To login into your HCP, go to  https://admin.hcp-demo.hcpdomain.com:8000
  11. The default and initial credentials are "security" and "Chang3Me!"
  12. You will likely receive a certificate error.  You can install the new certificate on your laptop if you like. Instructions are in the Quick Start Setup document.
  13. Now setup a new admin user with the recommended password start123 and you are ready to roll.


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