Sample raidcom VSP config generator

Document created by Pablo Bucich Employee on Sep 13, 2013
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     This is a SAMPLE script to show raidcom VSP configuration.

     Consist in a spreadsheet and sh+awk script (runs on Linux, all Unix must be ok, Solaris: replace awk with nawk)

     You fill the spreadsheet with all config specs, export each tab to .csv with the same tab name, and run the script. The physical devices, format, pool, vdevs, host groups, lun and brocade switch config will be generated. Only HDP VSP config and brocade switchs.

     Then, you can configure a CCI instance by IP on your notebook and apply config.

      The README spreadsheet contains some help.

     In the script you must hardcode the port options (TODO), and a lot of other 'todos'


     It's not intended to be a final tool or a production safe one, it's only a sample. I used it to install and replicate many similar VSPs onsite with minimal development and no extra software or install. Only my notebook and ethernet connection to unconfigured new VSP.