How to view and clear system messages

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Note: System specifications and best practices can change. Be sure to use the latest user guides or the latest product training before you perform the task.


The maintenance utility tool notifies you that you have unread messages on the system. You can check and clear the messages so that the system goes back to the Ready status.


  1. Open the maintenance utility and select either controller
  2. Check the status of the storage system (Figure 1). The status can be Ready, Information, Warning, or Failed.
  3. If the status indicates Information or Warning, go to the Alert tab. DKC will be selected by default.
  4. Check messages for DKC, GUM1 and GUM2 and back to DKC, selecting each of these (Figure 2). Rotating all three indicates to the system that you have read all the warning messages.
  5. Then refresh the screen by clicking on the refresh button on the right upper corner next to the last updated date and time (Figure 3). This will clear all status back to green Ready (Figure 4). Note that messages are not cleared. Further investigation may be necessary if the system does not show Ready.


Figure 1. Check system status on the maintenance utility


Figure 2.  Check all system messages



Figure 3. Refresh the screen



Figure 4. Verify the Ready status on the system