What is the maximum number of disks supported in VSP G200 with mixed drive box configuration?

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The VSP G200 has a maximum drive count of 264 and a maximum tray count of either 7 for SFF (24 drives/tray) / LFF (12 drives/tray) or 4 for dense intermix trays (60 drives/tray). Make sure you adhere to both numbers.


For example, a CBSS controller can have up to 24 SFF drives, and if you add 7 trays of SFF, you have a maximum of 192 drives. If you add 4 dense intermix trays  to a CBSS, then you have a maximum of 264 drives. If you combine, for example, 1 CBSL controller (12 drives), 2 FMDs, 1 SFF, and 2 LFFs, you have 5 trays and a maximum of 84 drives (12+12x2+24+12x2).


Intermixing dense trays


You can also intermix dense intermix trays but the a dense intermix tray counts as 2 drive boxes even though it is logically and physically 1 box. When only dense  trays are used, a G200 system supports 8 external drive boxes (4 x dense intermix trays). However, when dense  trays are intermixed or not used at all, the G200 system limits external drive boxes to 7.  For example, 3 dense trays counts as 6 boxes, so you can add only one other box of any type before you reach the drive box limit (6 dense trays + 1 SFF/LFF = 7). The controller drive box is not counted.


The following table lists the maximum drive count specifications for CBSS and CBSL.


ControllerNumber of mounted trays (SFF/LFF)Number of mounted trays (dense intermix trays)Number of mounted drives (SFF + dense trays)Number of mounted drives (LFF + dense trays)