Now Live for Connect 2015 Attendees Only: Connect 2015 Mobile App Guide

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New this year!  Welcome to the HDS Connect 2015 mobile app!  2015 is our inaugural year for providing limited content to the audience via a mobile application.


Only registered Connect 2015 attendees will be able to sign into the mobile application.

Connect Mobile App Overview

NEW: Event Information on Connect 2015 Mobile App

New this year!  HDS has developed a mobile app, Connect 2015, by HDS.  Install the app now to get information on the event, look at the Showcase map and play the Connect Game with an opportunity to win prizes! All this and more is available from your mobile device in the new Connect 2015 by HDS mobile app. The app is in the mobile app stores now, available for Android and iOS mobile devices (Smartphones, iPads and tablets).

Get Started in 3 Steps!

Step 1 - Download the new Connect 2015 by HDS mobile app onto your mobile device.

From your mobile device click on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.  Search for the app using the term Connect 2015 by HDS.

  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) users will download the app from the iTunes store from your mobile device. 
  • Android phone and tablet users will need to download the app from the Google Play Store from your mobile device.


Enter your iTunes or Google Play password to download the app to your device.


  • You may be asked if you would like to receive notifications – it is your option, you can choose yes or no.  If there are general important updates we may send them to all users via notifications.
  • You may be asked to download updates, please choose yes and/or OK.


The app should now be downloaded to your mobile device


Note: If you do not have an iOS or Android device you can see some of the app information from your computer or Mac by clicking on the Access Mobile App” link.  This feature has limited functionality but will allow you to see the activity if you are without an iOS or Android device.


Step 2 – Sign into the app with your unique Connect user name and password sent to you by the Connect team via email.


Once the app is downloaded, you will need your new unique, assigned login credentials to access the Connect application. Remember, only registered users will be sent username and password information for this app.  You will have received this information from the team by email.  Once you enter your credentials you will not need to enter this user and password again unless you log out.


Reference an email mail from the event team that has your unique user name and password.  The email is planned to drop a few days before the event.


Step 3 - Congratulations, you are ready to EXPLORE!

  • Swipe UP from the bottom of the screen to see the Activity Feed showing all the latest news
  • Swipe RIGHT from the left side of your device to see the navigation bar with the Connect 2015 application features.
  • Scroll through the features on the left side to see all of the exciting information available to you from your mobile device.
  • At Connect 2015, visit the Social Innovation showcase and play the Connect Game to accumulate points by visiting Sponsors and Exhibits with a chance to win a Go Pro camera, a Pebble watch or a FitBit.  See below for additional details on the Connect Game.


For questions about the mobile app, contact or drop by and see us at the Social Hub at Connect 2015.


Thank you and we will see you in Las Vegas!

If you are reading this from your mobile device you can scan the QR code or click on links below.


qrcode qr mobile app 28650225.png






Send us an email at if you have questions, or drop by and see us at the Social Hub at Connect!



App Features and Functions


Below is a chart with some of the key features and functions of the App.


Features and Function

Activity Feed

The activity feed provides information such as announcements, APPROVED photos and feed from an HDS-managed Twitter handle. All information in this activity feed is managed by the event team and pushed to the attendees.


This event schedule information is categorized but not personalized. All users see all event information. Attendees of specific tracks will see categorized information for just their category if they hit the track selection.

Specific sessions within a track may show details such as location and speakers.

Show, Sponsors

This section shows sponsor information and showcase information, categorized by level of sponsorship and by showcase exhibits.

Event Maps

To find the location of an exhibitor at the event, tap on the pin icon on the exhibitor's details page in the mobile app. You can also search for an exhibitor’s location by tapping on the magnifying glass in Event Maps and typing the exhibitor's name into the search field.  Sponsors have not been added to the map in detail.

Connect Game

Play the game, check out the leaderboard, scan the codes to get points.  Take the Game Quiz to see how much you learned by visiting the Showcase.

Sponsor Assets

In this section, we will be sharing some key assets from our sponsors.

Info Booth

The info booth provides key event-related overall information


The team will be providing some of the event-related surveys online.


Links to the HDS Community and the Twitter conversation.


Some of the key images from the event. This section is moderated and shows pictures at the discretion of the event team.


Users can view some of the event’s key videos.

GLM Polls

This section is ONLY used for the GLM session

GLM Comments

This section will be used in a limited capacity for GLM team to ask questions to the facilitators.  Questions do not show up in the app, only in the back end of the application



Overview of the Connect Game and Instructions

Welcome to the Connect Game!  The game is designed to help you visit our Showcase and our Sponsor exhibits and have fun!  You gain points by entering the codes.  Think of it as a giant treasure hunt!


Play the Connect Game to accumulate points by visiting Sponsors and Exhibits with a chance to win a Go Pro camera, a Pebble watch or a FitBit!


  1. To get started, click “Connect Game” from main menu.
  2. Check the Leaderboard to find out who’s winning!  You can see your points and the points for the top participants.
  3. Earn points by completing any of the activities below:
    1. Check in to Sponsor and Showcase Exhibits: As you visit Sponsors and explore the Showcase, find and scan nearby QR codes using the scanner native in your phone or enter the corresponding PINs by typing the 4-number codes into your phone. Check-ins are worth 20-50 points each!
    2. Participate in the Connect Game Quiz – Share your Smarts! Test your knowledge after visiting the Showcase by participating in our Game Quiz worth 50 points!

Connect Game Timing Note:  The Connect Game will start on Sunday, April 26 at 10:00am.  We will announce the Connect Game winners on Wednesday, April 29 at 5:00pm.  Be sure to check out the Connect Mobile App announcements Wednesday at 5:00pm to find out if you are a winner!  You will be able to continue to earn Connect Game points until Friday, May 1 at 5:00pm.


Guide for Exhibitors and Sponsors


Help visitors to your booth get points by playing the Connect Game, native in the Mobile App.


  1. Identify where your QR Code / Pin Image is located physically in your booth
  2. As people come visit your booth, help them find the QR Code / Pin image
  3. Show the visitor how to scan or enter the codes as applicable.  Note that after a few codes are entered, users will be autonomous and no assistance should be required.