Replacing a front end module

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Block the front end module


  1. Start the maintenance utility.
  2. In the Maintenance Utility window, click Hardware > Controller Chassis.
  3. Click the CHBs tab.
    Dense Intermix Drive - 1 (2).png
  4. In the Status column, confirm that Warning appears for the CHB you want to replace.
  5. In the left column, click the front end module you want to change or replace.
  6. Click Block.
    Front End Module - 2 (2).png
  7. Verify that the front end module is blocked.
  8. Leave the Replace Channel Board window open. Do not click Restore.

  Front End Module - 3 (2).png

Add the front end module


  1. Disconnect the optical fiber cable from the front end module.
  2. Loosen the two blue screws that secure the front end module.
  3. Hold the blue screw, and then gently remove the front end module from the slot.
  4. Orient the new front end module as shown in the following figure.
    Front End Module - 4 (2).png
  5. Insert the module all the way into the slot, and then use the two blue screws at the end of the module to secure.
  6. Confirm that the red STATUS LED on the front end module is off.
  7. Connect the optical fiber cable to the new front end module.




Unblock the front end module


  1. At the Replace Channel Board window, click Restore. A progress bar shows the replacement status.
  2. After the system recovers (up to 20 minutes) and the completion message appears, click Close.
  3. Click the CHBs tab in the Controller Chassis window.
  4. Confirm that the status of the new front end module is Normal. If necessary, click Refresh at the top-right of the window to update the status in the window.
  5. Log out and close the Maintenance Utility window.