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HTnM Report Generator v1.1.2


Is an Automatic Hitachi Report Generator for Tuning Manager software.


How to use & requirement:


- Operating System DATE FORMAT MUST this "nnn mm/dd/yyyy"  [MANDATORY]


  Example: Tue 12/21/2015

   How to check: C:\Users\>echo %date%


- Specify jpcrpt.exe location at HTnM Report-JPCRPT file.



   "D:\Program Files\HiCommand\TuningManager\PerformanceReporter\tools\jpcrpt.exe" (with quotes)


- Specify report output path at Report-HOME



   "D:\HTnM Report"  (with quotes)

   Report Output will be copy to D:\HTnM Report\yyyy\yyyymm\yyyymmdd\


- Specify all your report at HTnMReport.PROFILE


  With following format:

  StorageReportName|AgentName|MaxRecord|"Report Name"|"\ReportPath"|DateRange|Interval|ZoomScale


  Please take note, report name & path that mention in HTnMReport.PROFILE MUST from pre-defined report (User Reports)



   AMS2100_Cache|DA1AMS2100[KTPSYSSAN-01]|1440000|"Cache Write Pending Rate"|"\/[Reports]/1. Cache/"|WITHIN_THE_PAST_MONTH|HOUR|100|1

   AMS2100_Controller|DA1AMS2100[KTPSYSSAN-01]|1440000|"Controller"|"\/[Reports]/2. Controller/"|WITHIN_THE_PAST_7_DAYS|HOUR|200|0


  How to check Agent Name:

   [TuningManagerDirectory]\jp1pc\tools\jpcctrl list *


  Date Range can use following list:



  Interval can use following list:




  To Enable/show grid it just put 1 in the last parameter

  - Show Grid Enable

    AMS2100_Cache|DA1AMS2100[KTPSYSSAN-01]|1440000|"Cache Write Pending Rate"|"\/[Reports]/1. Cache/"|WITHIN_THE_PAST_MONTH|HOUR|100|1

  - Show Grid Disable

    AMS2100_Cache|DA1AMS2100[KTPSYSSAN-01]|1440000|"Cache Write Pending Rate"|"\/[Reports]/1. Cache/"|WITHIN_THE_PAST_MONTH|HOUR|100|0


- Specify Execuble parameter Format want to custom OutputFormat & custom DateTime


  HTnMReport.exe [OutputFormat] [Start DateTime] [End DateTime]    

   OutputFormat is HTML or CSV is optional, default is HTML                       

   Start and End DateTime is optional, default is DateRange

   OutputFormat is MANDATORY if DateTime specify


  Example If output is CSV:                                        

   HTnMReport.exe CSV


  Example If output is HTML:                                        

   HTnMReport.exe HTML


  Example If output is CSV with spesific date time:                  

   HTnMReport.exe CSV "12 01 2015 00:00" "12 20 2015 00:00"


- Last step is create Windows Task Scheduler to periodically save HTnM report base on above profile that you already created

  Example every Months or Week or Day


- To run HTnMReport-NI.exe, please specify HTnMReport-NI.PROFILE



Below sample video:




- 1.1.2 20160726

  - FIX various bugs

  - ADD all files output will be:

        - if not CUSTOM RANGE

          ReportName_[Date Range from .PROFILE]-[Timestamps]
        - if CUSTOM RANGE

          ReportName_[Start DateTime]-[End DateTime]

  - ADD DEBUG Mode
- 1.1.1 20160429

  - ADD HTnMReport-NI.exe to run report that dont have <indication-settings>, example all "Realtime (Single Agent)" report type

- 1.1.1 20160315

  - ADD parameter to show/hide Grid

- 1.1.0 20151029

  - ADD CSV output

  - ADD DateTime for custom datetime

- 1.0.1

  Fix Start in App directory when add to Windows 2008 Task Scheduler

- 1.0.0

  Initial version