Streamlined Content: Sharing and "Same Question"

Document created by Megan Truett on Apr 21, 2016Last modified by Megan Truett on Aug 5, 2016
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We've streamlined content in the HDS Community to help eliminate redundancy and replication, making it easier for you to find the answers you need more quickly!


Same question


Users that find a question that they too are looking to answer to can now indicate this by clicking the 'I have the same question' link. Once the question has been answered, users that indicated they had the same question will be directly notified.






  • Share with multiple places: Have a document that needs to get in front of multiple audiences? You can now share it in multiple places at once so you no longer have to create and maintain separate copies. It's clearly marked which places have access and does not affect the access rules around the content; users in the places where the content is shared still need to have access to the originating space.



  • Share with individuals: You can now share an individual piece of content with one ore more individuals who're not part of the private group in which it resides so you can quickly get the help you need yet without opening the whole group to the additional users. Again, there's clear marking on who the content has been shared with.



You will also be able to see if content is shared in multiple places in the recent activity and on the content itself.