"Ivy" - Next Generation Block Storage Synthetic Load Generation and Performance Measurement

Document created by Jeff Maaks Employee on Jun 7, 2016
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  • Vendor-independent design for open source
  • Ivy is at https://github.com/Hitachi-Data-Systems/ivy
  • Linux-based with low CPU overhead using C++ asynchronous I/O to drive multiple I/Os in parallel from each process thread
  • Scalable
  • Easy setup by selecting test config by vendor-specific LUN attributes (for Hitachi, select by LDEV, by port, by Pool ID, by parity group, etc.)
  • Performs tests in the minimum time to measure to a target plus/minus accuracy
  • Further improve quality by detecting test configuration errors
  • Implements dynamic feedback control to measure IOPS at a specified host I/O service time (any vendor)
  • Separately-packaged "connector" used by ivy to gather subsystem configuration information & real time subsystem data
  • Vendors are encouraged to develop their own "connector" to enable ivy to retrieve subsystem configuration info and real-time performance data.
    • With vendor-specific "connector", ivy can do dynamic feedback control of IOPS based on subsystem metrics such as MP % busy or drive % busy
    • Hitachi-proprietary command device "connector" is not open sourced and is available only for authorized internal Hitachi lab use with license key.




Getting Started with Ivy


Introduction to ivy - .ppt - .pdf
Installing ivy - .ppt - .pdf
Introduction to ivy output files - .ppt - .pdf

measure = on

The "seen enough & stop" feature - .ppt - .pdf

Deduplication and compression support - .ppt - .pdf