OS Utility Plugins Pack (Windows)

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Here are plugins to get OS information, configure OS settings and invoke OS function. The plugins are for Windows.

Plug-ins are packed into service template as below.


PluginDescriptionService Template packing the plugins
Get Time

Gets current date and time then outputs it to the standard output.

Create Property File for Windows Task SubmitCreates a property file for executing a task in Windows.
Calculate Partition Capacity

Calculates partition size and creates a partition allocation information file in Windows, which is used for creating (with the plug-in "osCreatePartitionPrimary")or

extending (with the plug-in "osExtendPartitionSize") partitions.

Change Drive LetterChanges the drive letter of a specified partition in Windows.
Create PartitionCreates a partition on a specified disk in Windows.
Export Event Log RecordExports event log records to a file and clears event log records (if the option is specified) on Windows.
Configure Windows Automatic UpdateEnables or disables the automatioc update setting of Windows Update.
Configure Windows FirewallEnables or disables Windows firewall with a profile.
Configure ICMPv4 Ping on Windows FirewallEnables or disables ICMPv4 ping through Windows firewall with a profile.
Synchronize Windows with NTP ServerWaits for synchronization with NTP server and outputs the result to a file.
Configure Screen SaverConfigures screen saver setting on Windows.
Output Text FileOutputs text file contents to the standard output.
Output File ContentsOutputs contents of a specified text file to properties.OSWindows02
Check Server AliveWaits for ping replies from specified servers.
Extend PartitionExtends the partition size of a specified volume on Windows.
Get Optical Drive LetterGet the drive letter of the optical disk drive on Windows.
Repeat Command ExecutionExecutes a command repeatedly until it returns an expeted value.
Add Windows Firewall ExceptionAdds a program or port as a Windows firewall exception.
Configure NIC on WindowsConfigures NIC settings (IP address, subnetmask, default gateway, etc.) on Windows. (MAC address, DHCP, workgroup, domain can be also vonfigured.)
Configure Windows Service StartupConfigures Windows service startup setting.
Wait for Windows Auto LogonWaits for completion of Windows auto logon.
Get Windows Update ListGets a list of installed Windows updates and writes it to a specified file.
Create Input Property Values for Repeated Execution Plug-inCreates comma separated input property values for the Repeated Execution plug-in.OSWindows03
Add Windows Hosts EntryAdds an entry to the hosts file on Windows.
Change Windows Service User AccountChanges a Windows service user account.
Create Windows EventCreates an event in an event log on Windows.
Get DateGets the current date on Windows.
Configure NIC on WindowsConfigures NIC settings (IP address, subnetmask, default gateway, etc.) on Windows. (Secondary DNS can be also configured.)
Set Service Property ValueSets a value to a service property.
Suspend Windows ServiceSuspends a Windows service.
Clear Windows Admin PasswordDisables the local security policy and clear the password of Administrator on Windows.OsWindows04
Delete Static RouteDeletes all static route information on Windows.
Get host namePerforms name resolution to acquire the host name from the specified IP address in the Windows target server.AO_OSWindows
Add OS user (Windows)Creates an OS user in the Windows target server.
Set group of OS user (Windows)Sets the group that the OS user belongs to in the Windows target server.
Get Column Data from csv/excelAcquires the data in the specified column from a CSV or Excel file.
Get Row Data from csv/excelFrom a CSV/Excel file, acquire the data in the row that matches the specified key value.
Execute SQL queryIssues a specified SQL statement to the database server connected by a 32-bit ODBC driver.
Judge datejudge server time matches specified condition
Change file permissionchange permission of the file
Install Windows Update ProgramOn the Windows environment, automatically installs the updates through the Windows Update.
Execution Wait(Sleep)Controls the intervals between steps by waiting for the number of seconds specified in a property.
Get MAC of the NICThis component obtains the MAC address of the NIC recognized by the OS.
Set IP Address of the NICThis component sets the IP address for the NIC recognized by the OS of the virtual server (Windows). When setting the IP address, the domain can also be set.


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The file contains service template packing plug-ins and spec documentations (xlsx) per each plug-in.



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.00DownloadInitial ImplementationAOUtil01sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1In order to use this, please get contact with HAD team.



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.00DownloadInitial ImplementationOSWindows01sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1See spec document inside download file for detail



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.03DownloadInitial ImplementationOSWindows02sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1See spec document inside download file for detail



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.02DownloadInitial ImplementationOSWindows03sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1See spec document inside download file for detail



VersionFileDescriptionTemplate IDVendor IDNotes
01.00.04DownloadInitial ImplementationOSWindows04sample.hitachi.software.dna.cts.jp1See spec document inside download file for detail



These contents are not available right now, but will be included in product by default in the near feature. The timing has not been decided yet.



How to use


See spec documentation (xlsx) for detail of each plug-ins such as input/output properties and error code.