UCP 4.1.x - How to update ESXi image with new VIBs

Document created by Nichole Schmitt Employee on Jul 13, 2016
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A few people lately have asked: "What happened to the Add Packages button?"  Can we no longer update ESXi images with new VIBs?


Answer: Yes, you can still Add Packages through the UI even though the button is gone.


Details: Rather than wizards, the new UI uses a modern tiled look with collapse\expand sections and SHADED versus WHITE to differentiate between 'what's selected' and 'what's deselected'.  (We no longer have check-marks.)


The new UI removed the button for Add Package and now assumes that the viewer understands what SHADED versus NOT-SHADED means. 


While in the EDIT IMAGE screen, you'll see a long list of VIBs, or packages. A shaded VIB is one that exists in the image you are currently examining. A white VIB is NOT in the image, but UCP sees it as available in a repository. You may add it to the package by clicking on it. After you click on a white VIB, two things happen: (1) It becomes shaded (selected) and (2) UCP will launch a job to add it to the current image after you click OK.


If REPLACING an old VIB with a newer copy from a repository:

(1) Deselect the older one which is currently in the image (making it white)

(2) Select the newer one from the repository (making it shaded)

(If both are shaded, then they will both be in the image after the Edit job is complete.)


See attached for step-by-step procedure.... from creating a repository, to updating ESXI, to applying the updated image.

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