Customizing Notifications

Document created by Jill Ross Employee on Aug 4, 2016
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HDS Community User Guide > Creating Custom Streams > Create a Custom Stream > Customizing Notifications

You can set notifications for any of your streams and for your Inbox, so that you receive an email notification each time a person, place, or item posts an update or you have Inbox activity.

There are a few ways to set your notifications:

From the unsubscribe link in the email
If your community manager has enabled this feature, you can click the unsubscribe link so you will no longer receive notifications. It switches the Receive notifications? option to No on your Preferences page.
When you're viewing or editing a stream
Select the stream, click Jive pencil icon, select Email from Updates at the top of the page, and click Done.
From your Preferences page
Click your avatar > Preferences, and answer Yes to Receive email or mobile notifications when there is activity in the community?

Then, you can select Email notifications for each stream and your Inbox, and you can select the frequency of notifications for each from the drop-down list. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save when you're done.

CAUTION: When you select All Activity, you'll get an email every time that stream or Inbox is updated. We recommend leaving Email unselected or choosing one of the summary options from the drop-down list; otherwise, your email notifications could get overwhelming pretty quickly.

Important: You must answer Yes to Receive email or mobile notifications when there is activity in the community? on your Preferences page before you can select notification preferences and frequency for the Inbox and streams listed in the table below.

Note: Select Include body of content in email if you'd like your email notifications to include the full text of the item you're being notified about.


Notification for Inbox Activity PreferencesWhen you select Email or Mobile
Inbox: ActivityReceive a notification when content you create or participate in is updated.
Inbox: Direct Social ActionsReceive a notification when someone @mentions you, shares content with you, or sends you a message in the community.
Inbox: AlertsReceive a notification when you have a new task, a new follower, or a new skills endorsement.
Inbox: ModerationReceive a notification when you have content to moderate (if you're a content moderator).
FollowingReceive a notification when a followed person, place, or item posts an update.
Custom streamsReceive a notification when new activity is posted in your custom stream(s).
News DigestReceive a summary of community news.


Remember: You can choose the frequency of these notifications from the drop-down list next to each Inbox or stream.