How to use developer community

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This page explains how to use the developer community.


Search Information in Community Site

There are multiple type of contents in the community site. Service templates, user guides and discussions including questions and discussions. Followings explains how to find such information.


Search Service Templates

Search by Category

The service templates are categorized in the community based on its characteristics. Application, Network, Server and Storage. Each service template belongs to one or more categories, and you can find service template by them.

You will see list of categories on the top of community site. By clicking category, you can see list of service templates which belong to the category.


You can also filter service templates by other category (#1), or filter by any free text and tags which are associated with the service template.(#2). Then by clicking title of service template, you can jump to each page(#3)


In each page of service template, you can see overview of the service template and functionality, and also you can download service template. Service template might be archived by zip, so need to unzip it and pick up service template file (*.st) from inside in order to import it to Hitachi Automation Director.

Search by Free Text

You can also search service template by free text. From right top icon, you can launch search box. After enter some text, corresponding service template will be seen. By default, scope of search is whole community site. By clicking link "click here to only show results for DevNet: Hitachi Automation Director", you can filter results only in Hitachi Automation Director community site.


Search User Guide

We have some useful documents in this community site. For example, sample demo movie and FAQ list, and so on.


There are shortcut links to some user guides on the right hand side of community top page.


From Whole List

Each use guide documents belongs to User Guide category, so you can see whole list of user guides by clicking "User Guide" category.



Search Questions & Answers, Discussions

Some of questions are shown on top of community site, and you can also see whole list of questions & answers from bottom link "All answered questions" or "All unanswered questions". You can also search questions and answers from search box in the same way as service templates.

Share Your Contents

You can share service templates and other information created by you in this community site. From link "Share My Service Template" on right of community top page, you can upload your contents.

By clicking the link, new document will be created and after filling in necessary information and upload files, you can share your contents.

  1. Rename title of document. This needs represent overview of your contents.
  2. This is just explanation about this document template. Please erase this before uploading contents.
  3. Basic structure of document. Please follow same format when you upload contents. This includes overview of contents, download file information and guides for other developer to know how to use it.
    • Overview: This needs to explain what is your contents and what can be done by it.
    • Download: Download link to file which is uploaded to same page, version and vendor ID, template ID (specified in Hitachi Automation Director Service Builder), Hitachi Automation Director version which you confirmed if it worked fine, and any other comments.
    • How o use: This needs to explain how to use your contents.
    • Detail explanation: This is more detail information. For example, internal structure, prerequisite environment, restrictions, how to enhance and so on.
  4. By clicking "Attach" button, you can upload your contents (service template file into this page). Each file will have URL, so after uploading files please put the link to the file in "Download" section.
  5. You can add any tags which help other developer search your contents.
  6. There are some pre-configured categories, you can choose appropriate ones. By configuring categories, you and other developer can search your contents by categories (from top of this community site and other place)
  7. Once you fill in all necessary information, now read to publish your contents. Click "Publish" button.



Ask Questions

If you have any question regarding this community site, contents and Hitachi Automation Director itself, you can ask question from text box on the top page of community site.