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Documentation for HDI can be found on both TISC and the Support Portal.


Below is a list of available documents created by the HDI engineering group for the implementaiton, configuration and operation of HDI.



Order NumberDocument Description
MK-90HDICOM002Hitachi Data Ingestor Installation and Configuration Guide
MK-90HDI004Hitachi Data Ingestor CLI User's Guide
MK-90HDI034Hitachi Data Ingestor CLI Administrator's Guide
MK-90HDI008Hitachi Data Ingestor File Access (CIFS/NFS) User's Guide
MK-90HDI035Hitachi Data Ingestor File System Protocol (CIFS/NFS) Administrator's Guide
MK-90HDI026Hitachi Data Ingestor API References
MK-90HDI005Hitachi Data Ingestor Error Codes
MK-90HDI029Hitachi Data Ingestor Troubleshooting Guide
HDI Single Node
MK-90HDI017Hitachi Data Ingestor User's Guide for Single Node Configuration
MK-90HDI039Hitachi Data Ingestor Single Node Administrator's Guide
FE-90HDI051Stand-by Single Node Installation Guide (HITACHI Confidential)
MK-90HDI028Hitachi Data Ingestor Getting Started Guide for Single Node Configuration
MK-90HDI030Hitachi Data Ingestor Troubleshooting Guide for Single Node Configuration
HDI Cluster
MK-90HDICOM001Hitachi Data Ingestor Cluster Getting Started Guide
MK-90HDI033HDI/HNAS F Onsite Racking Cabling Guide
MK-90HDI003Hitachi Data Ingestor User's Guide
MK-90HDI038Hitachi Data Ingestor Cluster Administrator's Guide
FE-90HDI016Hitachi File Services Manager - Troubleshooting Guide
FE-90HDI015Hitachi File Services Manager - Log Analysis Guide
MK-90HDICOM037Hitachi Data Ingestor Array Features Administrator's Guide for Hitachi AMS 2000/HUS1000 Series
MK-90HDICOM036Hitachi Data Ingestor Array Administrator's Guide
MK-90HDI019Hitachi Data Ingestor Modular Array Features Users Guide
MK-90HDI018Hitachi Data Ingestor Enterprise Array Features Users Guide
MK-90HDICOM031Hitachi Data Ingestor Virtual Appliance Installation Guide
MK-90HDI052Hitachi Data Ingestor Hyper-V Installation Guide
FE-90HDI024Maintenance Tool Guide for HDI on the VMware
HDI Remote Server
MK-90HDI032Hitachi Data Ingestor Remote Server Quick Reference Card
MK-90HDI040Hitachi Data Ingestor Remote Server Administration Guide
MK-90HDI053HDI Remote Server Administrator Guide (Centrally Managed HDI RS)
MK-90HDI054HDI Remote Server Administrator Guide (Locally Managed HDI RS)
FE-90HDI055HDI Remote Server Management Conversion Guide
REG-HDIRSHitachi Data Integestor Remote Server Regulatory Certificates
HDI Aditional Material
FE-90HDI027Hitachi Data Ingestor - GUI Brand Design Changing Guide
FE-90HDI014Hitachi Data Ingestor - Log Information Initial Analysis Procedure -
FE-90HDI000Hitachi Data Ingestor Maintenance Manual
MK-90HDI006Hitachi Data Ingestor Backup Restore User's Guide
MK-90HDICOM012Hitachi Data Ingestor Backup Restore Feature Supplement for Symantec NetBackup
MK-90HDICOM010Hitachi Data Ingestor Backup Restore Feature Supplement for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
MK-90HDICOM009Hitachi Data Ingestor Backup Restore Feature Supplement for Hitachi Data Protection Suite
FE-90HDI043Hitachi Data Ingestor Performance Guidelines