Test iSync document - May 4

Document created by HDS Webservices on May 4, 2012Last modified by Richard Gee on May 4, 2012
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Testing iSync from Production Loop to external TrueNorth SSP Jive environment.


This document is a test to validate iSync is working properly to external HDS Jive instance.


Version on LoopVersion change descriptionResults on external Jive
1Initial test doc - simple text, no attachments, no imagesSuccessful
2Added embedded image (2 Mb Project Nova meeting picture)Successful
3Attach file(Jive Group vs Spaces ppt)Successful !
4Added 5 more filesSuccessful !
5No sure what happened with version 5 - appears to have removed text in versions 4 on the Loop side. Could be user (mine) error.Successfully iSync'ed version 5
6Added 5 more files - now total attached files should be 11

PN photo.JPG