Jay Erikson

Personal Development

Blog Post created by Jay Erikson Employee on Jun 10, 2013

Personal development is lower on the priority scale than activities that will help you achieve quota, complete your work goals/MBOs, solve problems or take on new challenges. However, personal development will ensure you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to work efficiently and effectively. Now that you are part of the HDS Community, hopefully you will find answers to your questions or learn from HDS experts and influencers. Small steps that contribute to your overall learning and personal development. Be sure to set your Community communication preferences to ensure you stay engaged and connected.


Other suggestions to prompt you to take action towards your personal development goals are to find a mentor or accountability partner, or use technology, such as setting a reminder in Outlook or using an app like AskMeEvery.com. Personal development should happen more frequently than just during annual performance reviews.


I hope you will share on the HDS Community so we can learn from you.