• kettle的carte集群在k8s中无法启动

    kettle的carte集群在k8s中无法启动(无报错信息,启动过程中途卡死,一直不继续往下走),手动进入docker中可以正常启动。已经研究了很久了,还是无果,有大佬遇到过吗       2018/12/21日添加: 我使用过kettle启动集群的两种方式:静态(carte.sh conf.xml)和动态(carte.sh ip port),两种方式出现的问题一样   我还使用过...
    LL W
    created by LL W
  • Pentaho Report Integration with Java

    You can help me with the Pentaho Report Integration with Java NetBenas 8.0.2
  • A serious question: what are your favorite culinary experiences?

    Cooking lessons, recipes, a dinner between friends or your favorite restaurant, please tell us about your culinary enjoyments!
    Vincent Franceschini
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  • How To interface wireless current sensor with digital refrigerator pannels

    Hello, I am using very digital refrigerator panel which, I need to connect with the wireless current sensor to analyze the current of every voltage panel used in the individual refrigerator, I am trying to create the ...
    Jhon Cade
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  • Anyone using HDS + Zabbix

    Hello everyone!!   I have a new project here to put an HDS under my Zabbix server. I'd to know if anyone here tried to do it. How was the result? I didn't find a template on the zabbix community so, I think, I'...
    Gabriel Carneiro
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  • There is no Geographic Information Processing group for the Internet of Things?

    I would like to create one.
  • What was a defining moment in your career so far?

    We know there are many more defining moments to come; for you and for Hitachi. Tell us about an important decision, or an event, that defined your career path.
    Donna Garber
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  • Can authors, editors or moderators add Tags to posts after they are made?

    I have seen a large number of posts added either by email or by new users that don't have any tags.  Although this message board does a very good job of finding related posts based on the content, I expect things...
    Thomas Thorne
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  • What Linux distros are people using for personal projects?

    I have got a few personal projects (not Raspberry Pi related) that are going to require the use of Linux.  What are people using for their personal projects?  I am looking at Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu, and others...
    Andrew Nielsen
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  • bootable system on external hdd, wrong shut down ?

    Hello I have Touro 3.0 usb external hdd. I have installed on it windows 8.1 as bootable OS. Everything works fine but during the shut down process hdd makes "click sound" - the same sound as it makes when for instan...
    Bob Gazelle
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  • Diggers!!

    New series from Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia   Built Tough Episode 1 - Mini Excavator - YouTube     Built Tough Episode 2 - Hybrid Excavator - YouTube  
    Nicholas Howe
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  • Bunchball or other gamification in Communities?

    Hello All,   I was wondering if you can tell me if you have integrated Bunchball into your Jive platform? If so, any examples of the competition/contests? Does anyone have any other examples of gamification t...
    Margaret Stoner
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  • What's your most memorable IT to Business miscommunication?

    As part of looking more closely at Business-Defined IT we're diving into how IT and business communicate to each other.  I'm curious, what's your funniest or most memorable IT to Business miscommunication? ...
    Amy Hodler
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  • Happy Birthday HDS Community!

    Always important to remember birthdays. What is your favorite birthday memory?
    Lauren Klein
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  • Hitachi Cert

    HI All,   Planning to get certified. can someone tell me is it worth it? Can you guide me to resources?
    Adil Siddiqui
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  • Do you ride a motorbike?

    Share with us what type and why you like it so much. Tell us about your preferred placecand good locations. I own a HD Heritage Softail Classic from 1992 and love the sound and good vibrations , it is cool and speci...
    Angie Jourdan
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  • Stress is our Friend

    Hi Folks, Here is another TED Talk About Stress-Our Friend. I hope you enjoy this as much as We do. http://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend.html
    Daniel Jones
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  • The Power of a Smile:

      I am a big fan of TED Talks. I watched this Ted Talk a couple of years ago . Now  i send it to friends that need a laugh. Check it out http://www.ted.com/talks/ron_gutman_the_hidden_power_of_smiling.ht...
    Daniel Jones
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  • LA to New York in 45 minutes?

    San Francisco to L.A. in 30 Mins. With Proposed New Transportation System   New 'tube' transport that is 6x faster than high speed rail, and is 1/4th the cost per mile of building a freeway. What do you think? W...
    Nick Gable
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  • vsp performance monitoring

    Hi All,   We got a problem on one ESX node that during a particular time of a day  data disk access is pretty slow. Those disks are presented from VSP. Platform team asked us to debug the problem from stor...
    Mrityunjoy Kundu
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