Bhaskar Ramashankar

Migration the fun, but not fun.

Blog Post created by Bhaskar Ramashankar on Aug 12, 2017

We cannot run away from migrations. Whether we migrate from

- competitor box to HDS box

- older HDS to newer HDS box

- moving to cloud


Migration is one thankless job. These are some of my experience doing migrations.

  1. No body like you. Very true. Every friday night you are the most sought after person, every monday morning you are the most screwed up person.
  2. You have no family time. This is one general complaint from wife and kids. Every weekend when they need you, you are with the migration. Sometime you doubt whom are you married to?
  3. Any amount of planning will not help. Yes. Migration is a job, where you can plan worksheet after worksheet, send tons of email, use all possible color ballpens and high lighters, yet something gets left out on the day of migration.
  4. The most critical server will be running the most outdated OS and application. I never understand this. Customers will have surely one critical server that will have an outdated AIX or HPUX or Linux, that vendors have long stopped support. The applications will run some version or has some dependency that is atleast 2 decades old. Customer will keep asking for a fool proof plan to get this migrated.
  5. The more experience you have in migrations the more time you take to do the tasks. Best to complete jobs is to have minimum experience guys on the field. These guys are just not scared. Scary right??


I am sure like ghost stories, we all have migration ghost stories. Do share.