• Migration the fun, but not fun.

    We cannot run away from migrations. Whether we migrate from - competitor box to HDS box - older HDS to newer HDS box - moving to cloud   Migration is one thankless job. These are some of my experience doing m...
    Bhaskar Ramashankar
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  • More Explanations about Data Center Tiers

      The term of tiers in data center must be something that we commonly hear. Well, tier I to tier 4 is actually a standard of methodology used to decide the optimization of data center. You know, if the data cente...
    jodi wruck
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  • How to reboot or down one controller on VSP G400 when status still show normal

    I try to do replace follow storage manual but controller not down. please suggest. Thanawat P.Partner Communities
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  • Storage Department : What companies do wrong?

    Being in storage for quite some time, I have noted down a few of my observations on what companies do wrong. Some do it wrong all the time and some do it sometimes. The points are related to Storage.   1. Gettin...
    Bhaskar Ramashankar
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  • Security Challenges behind Internet of Things

    Internet of things (IoT) is a network of physical objects and entities ranging from smart phones and washing machines to smart energy grids and embedded sensor systems. Everything with an off and on switch to the inte...
    Marcus Jensen
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