Greg Knieriemen

Pentaho: A Big Deal for Big Data

Discussion created by Greg Knieriemen Employee on Feb 10, 2015

Big news from Hitachi today! We are very excited to announce our intent to acquire Pentaho Corporation. This is incredibly significant on so many levels that I doubt a single blog post from me will do it Pentaho_new_logo_2013.pngjustice. I suspect we’ll be unpacking this for some time but I want to share with you an overview of what this really means for Hitachi, our customers, the Pentaho community, and, of course to welcome Pentaho to the Hitachi family.


For a while now Jack Domme and our entire executive team have talked extensively about Hitachi’s Social Innovation business. It is clearly part of our corporate DNA as we expand this strategy on a global scale. As part of the strategy, Hitachi has established a new global structure that included Jack’s recently announced promotion to Chief Executive for Hitachi Americas. The goal of this structure is to dramatically accelerate our Social Innovation business.


Advanced information technology and analytics are vital to these plans and our announcement today is extremely important. With over 1,000 commercial customers and over 10,000 commercial deployments, Pentaho is delivering the future of analytics with unified data integration and business analytics combined into a single platform.


There are four ways users are leveraging Pentaho:


  • Data Integration - Pentaho data integration prepares and blends data to create a complete picture of your business that drives actionable insights. Pentaho puts big data and all data sources at the hands of business and IT users alike.
  • Business Analytics - Pentaho's modern, simplified and interactive approach empowers business users to access, discover and blend all types and sizes of data while minimizing dependence on IT.
  • Big Data - Pentaho empowers business users and analysts to easily visualize, analyze, and report on data across multiple dimensions without depending on IT or developers.
  • Embedding - Pentaho’s flexible cloud-ready platform is purpose-built for embedding into and integrating with your applications, portals, and processes.

Hitachi and Pentaho: More Open


One of the more exciting elements of today’s announcement is the extension of Hitachi’s commitment to Open Source. From improvements to open source server virtualization frameworks to our recent contributions in the OpenStack community, Hitachi has long participated in the open source movement. With today’s announcement, Hitachi is making a big commitment to Open Source. Pentaho was built from the ground up on open standards and consists of a collection of projects:

  • Mondrian: Online Analytical Processing server (OLAP). Allows business users to analyze large and complex amounts of data in real-time.
  • Pentaho Reporting: Suite of Open Source reporting tools that enables the creation of relational and analytical reports from a wide range of data-sources.
  • Kettle: Pentaho’s Data Integration, also known as Kettle, delivers powerful extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) capabilities. You can use this stand-alone application to visually design transforms and jobs that extract your existing data and make it available for easy reporting and analysis.
  • Weka: Comprehensive set of tools for machine learning and data mining to enhance your insights through predictive analytics.
  • BI Platform: Business Analytics Platform (BA Platform), makes up the core software piece that hosts content created both in the server itself through plug-ins or files published to the server from the desktop applications. It includes features for managing security, running reports, displaying dashboards, report bursting, scripted business rules, OLAP analysis and scheduling out of the box.


In addition to the projects, there is also a vibrant Pentaho User Group (PUG) community as well as a Pentaho User Group on LinkedIn.


Again, this is exciting news for all of us and we’ll be sharing more information and details in the near future. In the meantime I’d encourage you to explore our Innovation Center Community.