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Date parameters in mdx query

Question asked by Veronika Florova on Jan 23, 2019

Hello, I have to make a cde dashboard with some selectors and two date range components which should reflect on a table component. However I have problems with positioning the date parameters in the source query of the table.


SET [~ROWS_Objects_Objects.object] AS


SET [~ROWS_Companies_Companies.Company_name] AS


SET [~ROWS_Date_Date.Date_iso] AS


SET [~ROWS_Date_last_Date_last.Date_last_iso] AS



NON EMPTY {[Measures].[sum_qtyprice], [Measures].[sum_qty]} ON COLUMNS,

NON EMPTY NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Objects_Objects.object], NonEmptyCrossJoin(${typeParameter}, NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Date_Date.Date_iso], NonEmptyCrossJoin([~ROWS_Date_last_Date_last.Date_last_iso], [~ROWS_Companies_Companies.Company_name])))) ON ROWS

FROM [Store2]
I am pretty sure the four date parameters should be in where clause, however it looks like I don't know how to write it properly.
I set this function

function(start, end) {

var formatted = Utils.dateFormat(start, 'yyyy-MM-dd') +

" " + this.inputSeparator + " " +

Utils.dateFormat(end, 'yyyy-MM-dd');


to PreExecution property of the range component.
I would appreciate any help