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GAD two quorum disk configuration situation

Question asked by Matija Sinogl on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by John McDevitt

Hi, i am planning to implement GAD in a 2DC enviroment. it is recommended to configure quorum disk on the primary site. i am planning to configure quorum in primary and secondary DC.

this way i will have quorum redundancy, but does anyone have any idea what will happen if primary site losses connection to the secondary site?

in theory, both quorum disk will be alive, one will see P-VOL and will consider it as secondary site failure and operations will continue as planned, but how will quorum and S-VOL on secondary site act

is such a scenario even possible?


In a 3DC scenario, if both P-VOL and S-VOL loose connection to quorum, P-VOL operations (R/W) should continue?