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How many simultaneous DM2C jobs can run on HNAS 4060 at 12.7 code ?

Question asked by Jigar Doshi on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by Nathan King

Hi all,


I am using DM2C of HNAS 4060 running 12.7 code to move some data to HCP G10 nodes.


Can somebody comment how many simultaneous external migration jobs of DM2C to HCP are supported by HNAS 12.7 ?


I am getting an error "Another external migration is in process" while running another job while the earlier one is still running.


Note : Both the policies have been configured for two different volumes on the same file system.


Is it something like that 1 File System only 1 job can run at a time or it is DM2C utility limitation irrespective of file systems count in question ?


Any information is highly appreciated.