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What about a dedicated "How do I ..." area?

Question asked by Jean-Christophe Lelasseux Employee on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by Donna Garber

As a new HDS Community member I have done my due diligence : I took the HDS Academy course POC2419 Introduction to HDS Community, I went step-by-step through the Getting Started Checklist, including the excellent and very clear FAQ (thanks Donna!).


Now experimenting and finding my way through the HDS Community I am starting to have more technical questions that relate to "How to do things", and understanding exactly how things work.


Would it be worth having something like a separate technical FAQ, or a dedicated area for those more technical (HDS Community-related) questions?

There are already a few of this kind in this space (how do I create a poll?, can streams be reordered?, how do I empty my inbox?) and perhaps having them all grouped together somewhere would help members finding answers.


That said, I am not sure how to achieve this so it would remain dynamic as far as content is concerned. Maybe a dedicated "subspace" ?