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Jeff Lundberg
One of the great things about object storage is that its value increases as you add data. Having more data under a single point of control makes it easier to analyze, manage, govern, share and protect it all in a more efficient way. However, most of the customers I talk to are still looking at it for specific use cases. Some want their object

Erhan Demirhan
hi everyone,   i want change some ldev replication group that is already replicated. i use pairslit command (pairsplit -S -g group1 -d ldev1) for each device. then  i create new horcm.conf file for local and remote site for these devices. i try to create pair (paircreate -g srm01 -vl -f async) , i recevice such a error. paircreate:
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Swee-Chin Liem
Hi Experts,   I'm new to HUR and seeking answers for questions below: HORCM files (with: HORCM_MON, HORCM_CMD, HORCM_LDEV and HORCM_INST) for TC/SI can be used for HUR as well, right?   From Re: paircreate error (reply from Dang Luong), command to create HUR pair is: paircreate -g <dev_group> -vl -f async <ctgid>