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Nirvana Farhadi
In part 1 of this vlog series, you learned about what RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is and why it’s important for financial services. Part 2 covered the biggest achievements in RegTech over the past year, what the future holds for RegTech, and the next steps your organization should take to be successful. In part 3 of this series

Ken Wood
      What Can You Do with Deep Learning in Pentaho?   By Ken Wood and Mark Hall   For those of you that have installed and are using the Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI) plugin that Hitachi Vantara Labs released to the Pentaho Market Place back in March 2018, get ready for an exciting new update. This fall, we
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Szymon Klepacz
In a few of my reports, neighbouring rows are overlapping and row bands have the same colour. You can see this on the attached image. First row and second have a strange spacing between them (except one column) and rows 2 and 3 are fine. This is very problematic since colour supposed to indicate a new row. HINT: This problem appears when option