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Alberto YUALE
I am installing a language pack (Spanish). I follow the instructions and when executing the installer, it does nothing. In the log, it puts the following error:   ERROR [pt.webdetails.cpf.InterPluginCall] 'renderer' bean not found in pentaho-cdf-dd
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Shamik Mehta
Click to view contentSmart Transportation always includes Smart Energy   In an increasingly IoT-connected world, Smart Energy and Smart Transportation are tightly linked. In fact, Smart Transportation isn’t possible without a Smart Energy component. “Smart” transportation has begun to imply “electrified” transportation: the move to battery-operated cars, trucks,… (Show more)
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Paul Hutchings
We have a new HUS110 with tiering licensed and 2 shelves:   20x 10K SAS configured as 5x 2+2 RAID10 (Tier 1) 10x 7.2K SAS configured as 1x 8+2 RAID6 (Tier 2)   Our hosts are vSphere 5.5 U2 and are direct connected using FC (QLogic QLE2562's if it matters).   HBA's are on the default path policy of Round Robin.   Initially I did some testing… (Show more)
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Hitendra Talluri
content Classes: Concatenate multiple metadata value into same field   Is there a way we can concatenate multiple fields extracted into a single field using the Expression feilds. Ie can i use concat function for xpath and then join two values detected during the extraction phase?   Or should be use the append stage to append field to field and… (Show more)
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Ruth H
Click to view contentHi everyone,   thank you for attending Pentaho Community Meeting 2018! With 220 attendees from 5 continents and 29 speakers it was a great event.   This page contains all PCM18 resources - summaries of the talks, presentation slides and pictures.   Summary of the event covering all talks Presentation slides Videos of presentations Interviews… (Show more)
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Roguen Keller
HCP Anywhere has two external APIs: File Sync and Share API and Reporting API.   The File Sync and Share (FSS) API is a set of HTTP endpoints that allow you to build and integrate applications with HCP Anywhere. Each File Sync and Share API endpoint can be used to perform a different operation in HCP Anywhere. These operations include uploading…
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Manthan Patel
Hello, I see on the pentaho installation page that we can use either of below db's as repository db's with default being PostgreSQL.  Now is it possible to use any other db apart from these 4?  Specifically if I want to use Mariadb (a variant of MySQL)  as pentaho repository db, is it possible? PostgreSQL MySQL Oracle MS SQL Server   Thanks… (Show more)
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Henry Golas
Hello Community,   Do we have any deployments that have multiple AD domains (in the same forest or not) on a single HCP? How do we handle authentication?   Specific use case is customer would like to have DEV and PROD on the same HCP. Each environment has it's own AD domain and they cannot communicate between one another.   Tenant in VLAN1 to… (Show more)
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David Heydari
Hi All, We have a large number of hosts (>100) in several G1000 systems and we want to add additional path to them,  to do that in the GUI is a very sloooww process, my question is how we can do that in the CLI ?   I could not find any relevant command in the raidcom for that (similar to "Create Alternative LUN paths" in the GUI.   Thx David
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I'm working on a Transformation which selects from an Oracle database, inserts into a mapping table, performs a couple of lookups and mappings, then inserts into an PostgreSQL database. When I tested with a handful of mocked up records, it worked as expected.   Now I'm running against a Test data set. When I preview the Oracle table input… (Show more)
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Nisim Rahman
Click to view contentHi ,   i install the PDI in Linux server and when i open the spoon file it open Firefox browser (default browser) on my PC,   i want to work with other browser but i cant fined the address of the client,   i'm not sure it web browser it look like java app : attached screenshot :     i need the address of the page or how i can open it in client… (Show more)
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