Jim Staszko
ESX 6.5, Hitachi VSP G600, Round Robin default not working.   Per the best practices guides I'd like to make my ESX default to RR when it see Hitachi Open-V storage.  I tried running this command via SSH on the host, (esxcli storage nmp satp rule add -V HITACHI -M "OPEN-V" -P VMW_PSP_RR -s VMW_SATP_ALUA -c tpgs_on).  I do an rule show and it's in… (Show more)
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Paul Morrissey
To echo and expand on Hitachi Storage/Converged with VMware vSphere best practices guide, These are the two claimrules to be used with Hitachi VSP G/F storage in VMware vSphere environment when using VMware native multipathing. [VMware is actively working on adding these Hitachi claimrules as defaults in future 6.5 and 6.7+ builds]   esxcli…
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Steven Teng
We, Delta Electronics, are looking forward to some POC opps for putting our DataCenter infra products including OT(Operating Tech – Rack, PDU, UPS, Power shelf, BBU, etc.), CT(Communication Tech – Networking/ToR Switch) and IT(Intelligent Tech – Server/Sorage/Security) into a turn-key solution as a testimonial and I am wondering if any contact… (Show more)
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Koen Fayatulloh
Hi All,   Can anyone share me an RFP for VSP G series, because when i downloaded from partner.portal the file always shown as corrupted file and cannot open. Pls i need ASAP
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Seung Woo Cho
Hi guys,   I want to get the environmental information; power consumption and heat output of UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U). There is no these information even in QCT homepage. Is there anybody can help this? Please let me know.
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Marcelo Lins de Souza
How to change property in BA to export csv file with ";"
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Greg Bucyk
“Why is HDS not included in the Flash Magic Quadrant?”   Oh you noticed too, well Gartner decided to only include systems that had a specific, non-HDD supporting model.  The Hitachi systems can be configured as AFAs with extreme performance, high capacity and full functionality, but we do not currently offer a model that cannot support disk…
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Mike Canavan
The fast paced world of Information Technology employs skilled athletes that perform at an extremely high level.  I call them athletes, because that’s essentially what they are. IT Athletes have years of experience and training, possess deep knowledge, face crisis head on and are transforming themselves as the world around them transforms as well.… (Show more)
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Venkateshwari Murari
Business Problem StatementSQL Databases form the backbone of many critical applications. Traditionally their data is protected using VSS and Microsoft DPM or Symantec Netbackup which stream data and logs to a backup target, such as tape. With the growth in data, this model is becoming strained. The amount of time needed to complete backups and… (Show more)
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Alexey A Bostandjan
Environment: HCS 8.5.4-02 VMware vSphere 6.5.0 U1 Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter (VASA Provider) 3.4.1 Hitachi VSP G1000   Identifying information that exists between VMs and block storage VVols 
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