Jon Chinitz
I am seeing more folks contributing plugins, whether they are pipeline stages or connectors. I have created a dedicated card on the Overview page that will list them all. To have your plugin automatically added tag the upload with the string "hci stage" (or "plugin", "stage", "connector").   Thanks for all your contributions and keep them coming!… (Show more)
Dave Krenik
A 3-point shot is worth ~3.5 times more than a 2-point shot?  Data analysts in the dugout?  What the…. Is this the apocalypse?   To say that analytics has changed sport would be a gross understatement.  Professional teams are stocked with Master Data Scientists that dissect and cross reference every movement on the field and court.  Proof point: … (Show more)
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Koji Watanabe
Introduction Hitachi released “Hitachi Storage Plug-in for Containers” (HSPC) as storage adapter for Docker in November of 2017. I am going to introduce the details of these use cases in this post.   This article covers: Market trend of container technology Challenge of Container Overview of HSPC Use cases of HSPC   Trends on Container Market… (Show more)
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Keith Roscarel
The Hitachi Visualisation Suite (HVS) Enables Video Aggregation at a mass scale.     Essentially, the solution includes the following components: Video Gateways are installed at multiple Public and Private organisations. These  can connect to most contemporary Video Management Systems (we are constantly expanding our connectors) Video Streams… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
CRN, Computer Reseller News, a leading trade magazine, has named Hitachi Vantara as one of the 30 Coolest Business Analytics Vendors.This may be a surprise for many to see Hitachi Vantara, part of a 118 year old company with traditional values like Harmony (Wa), Sincerity (Makoto), and Pioneering Spirit (Kaitakusha-Seishin), in the middle of a… (Show more)
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Dinesh Singh
Next-generation hyperconverged Unified Compute Platform HC comes together with proven, award-winning object storage Hitachi Content Platform to deliver compelling solutions for enterprises with virtual desktop projects and with distributed computing needs at branch locations.   Highly available desktops –   Many businesses require virtualized… (Show more)
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Jonathan Shafer
La Fondation TIMELAB Créée en 1886, la Fondation TIMELAB délivre deux des certifications horlogères les plus prestigieuses : le Poinçon de Genève et l’Observatoire Chronométrique +. Son Laboratoire Horloger propose à l’industrie horlogère en toute indépendance et neutralité des prestations de mesure des caractéristiques d'un mouvement ou d'une… (Show more)
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Jesse Zuckerman
One of the most heavily discussed topics in machine learning and data mining today is sentiment analysis. For the uninitiated, sentiment analysis is a goal to classify text as positive or negative based only on previously classified text. In this article, I will attempt to classify the sentiment of Twitter comments about a certain movie, based… (Show more)
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Nick Winkworth
  To paraphrase an old saying; “in IT, the only constant is change”. This is truer today than it has ever been.   Today’s IT departments are under pressure to accommodate the needs of new digital businesses, comply with new regulations and manage unprecedented volumes of data from sources they could not have dreamed of just a few years ago – and… (Show more)
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Nick Winkworth
I expect most of you are familiar with “Alice in Wonderland”, the story of the little girl who goes down a rabbit hole to a place where magical drinks and foods allow her to grow large and shrink small.   You may remember that this was not the happiest experience for poor Alice.   Soon after she arrives, Alice discovers a tiny door to a… (Show more)
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Monique Lucey
IT infrastructure is changing fast. You don’t have to look any further than several paradigm shifts like cloud computing, software defined data centers, pay-as-you-go consumption models, and converged and hyperconverged computing. While it isn’t difficult to understand that the solution lies in digital transformation, the devil is in the details.… (Show more)
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Monique Lucey
Queue the choirs of angels, trumpets and harps. Enter Gods and Goddesses on puffy white clouds eating ambrosia and sipping nectar. Ok, maybe not pure bliss, but with UCP Advisor management and orchestration software you get pretty darn close.   Digital transformation changes everything. We are becoming more interconnected and generating more data… (Show more)
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Paul Morrissey
We recently rolled out some software upgrades for our VMware ecosystem integrations and certifications which are generally available now or will be within the next 45 days. The specific products updates this month are Storage (VASA) Provider, vRealize Operations (vROPS) Management Pack and Storage Plugin for vCenter. This is in addition to updates… (Show more)
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