Lothar Schubert
Industrial IoT (IIoT) is moving mainstream – from much-hyped just a few years ago, towards the path of enlightenment today. Organizations of all sizes today benefit from intelligent, connected devices - across industries such as manufacturing, services, energy, transportation, healthcare and finance.   To quote Venture Capitalist Matt Turk: “The… (Show more)
in NEXT 2018
Hu Yoshida
Don’t Blink or you’ll miss What the Dog Saw. Come to NEXT 2018, the Premier Event for the Digital Revolution, sponsored by Hitachi Vantara in beautiful San Diego, Sept. 25-27. Catch the Outliers and what may be the Tipping Point for your successful transformation with your data, your innovation.     By now you may have recognized the titles of a… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
Big data refers to the use of data sets that are so big and complex that traditional data processing infrastructure and application software are challenged to deal with them. Big data is associated with the coming of the digital age where unstructured data begins to outpace the growth of structured data. Initially the characteristics of big data… (Show more)
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Mark Adams
One of the very cool things I get to do in my job is work with customers that are having a major impact on their communities.  One such customer is CPFL which is an energy utility in São Paulo, Brazil.  They serve more than 20 million customers and have over 100 years of history in the business of energy generation and distribution.   CPFL… (Show more)
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Jeff Lundberg
In a recent survey conducted by Hitachi Vantara and IDC, it was reported that of the 1000 organizations surveyed, over 35% of respondents manage between 1PB to 50PB of unstructured data and nearly 20% manage over 50PB of unstructured data. With roughly 30% of respondents facing data growth from 50%-75%, it’s no wonder customers are investigating… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Hu Yoshida
Amazon’s cloud business grew nearly 48.9$ in the second quarter of 2018 generating $6.11 billion in revenue which contributed 11.5% to Amazon’s total revenues in that period. Their cloud business also was one of the main contributors to Amazon’s record $2.5 billion in profit. This is a strong sign that the cloud business is growing and adding… (Show more)
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Dinesh Singh
     .   Hitachi Vantara has introduced GPU-integrated hyperconverged system Unified Compute Platform HC series to deliver rich user experience and improve enterprise productivity. Hitachi’s hyperconverged systems, powered by industry-leading VMware vSAN software, leverage NVIDIA graphic processors to support the performance and efficiency… (Show more)
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Caitlin Croft
Sandra Wagner is part of our Customer Success & Support team dedicated to Pentaho and Analytics. You might also know her as The Goddess of Best Practices from the Support Portal. We want to make sure all customers who are using Pentaho know where to find helpful resources including Support, Best Practices and so much more.     Confused about how… (Show more)
in Pentaho
Like video? We collected our customer stories for you to check out.  See our customer's share their success, including reducing costs, monetizing data, improving customer service, reaching new markets, protecting data, improving performance and more...   Want to share your story, see how to join our customer advocacy program -… (Show more)
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Jigisha Pathak
Hitachi Solution for Databases, with XaaS cloud foundation for Oracle Database, powered by Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Validated Configurations provide and application-ready, high performance and resilient cloud platform for easier, faster, and lower-cost deployment of Oracle Database and applications in your enterprise.   Oracle VM and Oracle… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
In the last few days this week we have seen a massive sell off in crypto currencies. Bitcoin lost $1000 in 24 hours. Other currencies like ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash and EOS, all dropped by around 20 per cent. As of this Thursday, one Bitcoin is worth $6,486.45 USD. This is down from nearly $20,000 in December 2017.   One reason for the… (Show more)
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Michael Nelson
Last year at Hitachi NEXT 2017, we witnessed the actual digital transformation of a company, the creation of Hitachi Vantara and the role that Hitachi envisions for the future of technology.   It was also the first real glimpse into what the edge of technology would look like for me, and I’m absolutely hooked.   Systems approach for the future… (Show more)
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Nirvana Farhadi
In part 1 of this vlog series , you learned about what RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is and why it’s important for financial services. This is also a good time to look at the biggest achievements in RegTech over the past year, what the future holds for RegTech, and the next steps your organization should be taking in order to be successful,… (Show more)
in Nirvana Farhadi's Blog
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