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The Beauty of Strength and Extension in Times of Crisis

Blog Post created by Angela MaGill Employee on Oct 13, 2017

As a Texan, I continued to be humbled by profound bravery and goodwill during yet another devastating hurricane season. Like most everyone, I was glued to the television as Harvey ripped through Houston with an unmatched ability to destroy homes and lives. Residents clung to what was, hoping to protect and recover what remained. I saw an amazing news story about ordinary heroes in Houston, who formed a human chain to rescue an elderly man from floodwaters. The story crystallized the beauty of strength and extension in motion and the fortitude to succeed in times of crisis.


As IT leaders, you wholly understand day-to-day crises and the need to protect and recover from a disaster. It’s why I want to highlight how Hitachi Global–Active Device (GAD) with long-distance disaster recovery can aide your business continuity strategy.


End-to-end, unified data protection, retention and recovery management framework


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Not being prepared for downtime or an outage can capsize operations, sales, budgets and the business itself. No doubt, you’re expected to meet uninterrupted data availability and avoid security threats within considerable resource constraints.


Business risks for anything less than 100% uptime

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In the era of nonstop digital everything, data unabashedly grows and morphs without any regard for your ability to harness, store, protect, retain and govern it. And, with the world’s digital information storage doubling every two years, you’ll need to perform more heroics to manage raw data growth effectively as the business evolves. You must weather everything all the time — get in front of epic challenges before they wreak havoc. Time is a luxury no one has.


Brokering that level of digital resilience takes courage. But what other choice do you have? Every organization has those seemingly unattainable stretch goals, whether acquiring new market share amid intense competition or offering new customer services despite bottom-line worries. Who doesn’t want an infrastructure architecture that’s flexible enough to transform the business? That delivers both ubiquitous high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR)?


Weather experts cryptically spout warnings of catastrophic “not ifs but whens.” Similarly, in business, we all want to flourish in the face of unknown but certain future crises. Hitachi Vantara and Brocade bring beauty to strength with a singular, unified blueprint for impenetrable data resilience to help you win in the digital space.


A crisis can sink even the best-laid plans if your team has to tinker with application-specific configurations and tools and software. We believe in a holistic and cost-effective approach to data resilience across town, multiple data centers or the world. Rather than costly and fractured DR solutions, our unified data resilience architecture helps you deliver bigger, faster connections across longer distances and improve performance and cost factors.


Modern data protection implies that coverage will be global and comprehensive across every aspect of your enterprise to evoke digital resilience. Conventional wisdom for disaster tolerance is to ensure proper distance between production sites and DR locations.



Going the distance for disaster tolerance

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If the sites are too close in proximity, they can be affected by the same regional event. If the sites are too far apart, you deal with data transfer latency and subsequent risk. The Goldilocks rule applies here: finding that “just right” distance to protect all the data all the time. We bring the fabled power of extension to support replication of mission-critical over any distance.


Our solution combines all-flash digital infrastructure, the industry’s only 100% data availability guarantee and advanced global-active device technology with next-gen network extension. It’s an end-to-end, unbroken chain for protecting your replication, recovery and retention ecosystem. Think: Category 5 data resiliency for the digital age.


For more detail, read this white paper: Deliver on the Promise of Digital Transformation

Hitachi and Brocade Deliver Data Resilience for the Digital Age