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Hitachi Data Systems is a Gold Sponsor at the SHARE Conference in San Jose, CA

Blog Post created by Amy Townsend Employee on Jan 16, 2017

WHAT:  SHARE is an independent volunteer-run information technology association that provides education, professional networking and industry influence.

WHEN: March 5-10, 2017

WHERE: San Jose Convention Center – San Jose, CA



  • 10x30 Exhibit Space – shared with our partners, Brocade & Telus
  • Lunch & Learn Session
  • Vendor Sponsored Presentation
  • Cocktail Reception and Dessert Bar within our booth



Hitachi is featuring enterprise class, high-speed flash storage available in a variety of configurations.  Our new VSP G1500 hybrid array and all-flash VSP 1500 deliver increased mainframe performance, the industry’s only 100% data availability guarantee and powerful replication technologies to eliminate downtime, making HDS the choice for mainframe operations.


If your IT operations need high speed, low latency, data access, Hitachi is the vendor to choose. In addition to traditional SSDs, Hitachi offers its own flash modules (FMDs) that include onboard ASICs and data management intelligence to provide superior performance over SSDs. FMDs also provide tighter management and wear information with the storage subsystem enabling us to extend flash life and provide predictable failure management. With scalability of up to 8PB of flash storage, HDS gives you superior scaling of performance to meet changing data center needs.


When resiliency and uptime are key, HDS is your partner of choice. Our fault tolerant system architecture combined with powerful synchronous and asynchronous replication technologies enable multi-site business continuity to meet zero recovery point and zero recovery time objectives.


Join us in booth #308 to learn more!




Integrated Solutions from Hitachi, Telus, & Brocade (Vendor-Sponsored Presentation)

     Tuesday, March 7, 2017: 1:45 PM

     William Smith (HDS), Ros Schulman (HDS), Dick Masyga (Brocade), Fawad Shaikh (Telus)


The New HDS G1500 and F1500 Storage Platforms

     Wednesday, March 8, 2017: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

     William Smith (HDS) and Ros Schulman (HDS)


Batch – Backups, Dependencies, and Restore Processes - The Missing Links

     Wednesday, March 8, 2017: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

     Ros Schulman (HDS) and Rebecca Levesque (21st Century Software)


Hitachi Sponsored Lunch & Learn

     Thursday, March 9, 2017: 12:15 PM

     Ron Hawkins (HDS)



Ros Schulman - HDS Director, Mainframe, Product Manager

Bill Smith - HDS Americas Product Manager

Ron Hawkins - Senior Manager, SETO Complex Test Lab – Mainframe