Bjorn Andersson

Hitachi Data Systems and Informatica show FSI Solutions at SIFMATECH 2014

Blog Post created by Bjorn Andersson Employee on Jun 17, 2014


On June 17-18 this week HDS and Informatica together are showing solutions for Financial Services & Banking at SIFMATECH 2014 in New York.

We know from our customers that much focus for IT solutions in the financial and banking industry is being put on innovation and application modernization as well as growth and risk management. HDS is most well known for our high availability solutions and how we can help with IT solutions to manage new regulations that otherwise impose new processes and increased cost. Organizations need to be able to provide continuous operation and accommodate change as regulations continue change – and to do that without missing a beat in terms of providing services to the customers

Banks also need to find ways to increase revenue and profit in this new business climate that is the result of recent industry changes and new expectations from customers. This drives a need to implement new services, new ways of servicing customers and that in turn means new applications where the old legacy applications don’t cut it anymore.

For the SIFMATECH show we’re focusing on application modernization and together with Informatica we highlight how we can help our customers migrate from one generation of applications to the next with maintained service levels and access to all the data.

Come by and see us at the Hilton if you have the chance.