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Your Future is in Your Data

Blog Post created by Bjorn Andersson Employee on Aug 16, 2018

Guest Contributor: Carrie MacGillivray, Group Vice President, Internet of Things, IDC


The oceans of data we swim through are already having profound impacts on the way we make decisions and process information. This blog, authored by Carrie MacGillivray, IDC Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility, explores key actions organizations can take to make sure they are ready to take control and embrace the data-driven future.

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Data surrounds us. It flows in currents through our devices and eddies in the recesses of our IT infrastructure. Every data stream is unique, and companies that can harness, understand, and act on their data will thrive. With increased visibility into how your organization's data flows and an understanding of the information contained in the data, you can transform your business. Successfully harnessing and interpreting data can provide insights that facilitate better decision making, enabling organizations to differentiate, compete, and grow – and sometimes to survive. Survival depends on many new, data-driven factors such as those that improve customer experience, provide predictive insights, monitor asset health, and streamline production.


The challenge is in turning data into meaningful information so your organization can gain insights and make better informed decisions. Analytics tools are the underlying enabler of this process, but will only be useful if you have a strong infrastructure that supports the capture, governance, processing, and interpretation of the data.

To harness your organization's data in ways that deliver actionable, real-time insights and information, you need:

  • A flexible architecture
  • A cloud strategy that includes public, on-premises and hybrid options
  • Analytics tools that provide reliable blending and clear visualization to enable fast interpretation and confident decision making

According to IDC's recent Global IoT Decision Maker Survey, organizations are using analytics on data from their Internet of Things (IoT) programs to fuel key initiatives that improve customer experience, identify exceptions to a process, and enable preventive maintenance, to name a few examples. Analytics also allow organizations to benefit from better and timelier customer intelligence and productivity improvements.


Easier Said than Done

Understanding how to turn your organization's data into meaningful information is a challenge for many companies. To successfully develop this capability, it is critical to find a vendor that can help build the technology and information architecture that includes the data platform and pipelines, analytics tools and cloud infrastructure – be it on-premises or hybrid. This partner must be willing to work with you to build out the architecture that handles the flow of data that matches the speed of your business. They must also be willing to work through the process of understanding the information your data presents so your organization can use the data to fuel future success.

Organizations that leverage data generated from all sources – including all the connected "things," business systems, customers, and partners – and turn it into meaningful information will be those that succeed with digital transformation. Your organization's future is in your data – go harness it.



Guest Contributor Profile

Carrie MacGillivray is Group Vice President responsible for providing leadership to IDC's global IoT research. Carrie co-founded the Internet of Things research domain at IDC in 2012 and is responsible for leading thought leadership on this evolving market. She works with IDC's global IoT team consisting of technology and industry analysts to drive research on the supply and demand elements at play in the IoT market. Carrie was named one of the top 100 most influential people in the IoT by Onalytica, July 2017 and one of the top 25 most influential women in IoT by the Internet of Things Institute, September 2016.