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Running Ubuntu natively on Windows 10

Blog Post created by Carlos Vargas Employee on Aug 8, 2016

@Last March 2016 during the Build conference, Microsoft and Ubuntu release the news that Bash will come to Windows running natively (click here for the article).  Now the time has arrived. With the new Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade you will get access to Ubuntu running natively in your windows environment.  Let go thru the steps to enable this great new feature.


Steps to Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux

1. Right Click in your Start Menu (Bottom Left side of your screen) and click Control Panel.


2. Click in Programs in Control Panel


3. Then Click Turn Windows features on or off.


4. In your Windows Features window, scroll down until you find Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta) and click on it.


5. The require files will be installed.


6. Reboot your computer.


Steps to Download Ubuntu on to Windows 10

1.  Click your start menu, then click the settings icon (Gears)


2. In the Windows Settings Screen click Update & Security



3. Click For Developers in the left side of the screen and then Developer mode in the right side of the screen.



4.  Click Yes in the pop up window.



5. Click the X in the top right side of your screen.



6. Now  type bash in your search window


7. A new command prompt will appear and ask you if you want to install Ubuntu on Windows. Press Y.  Wait a couple of seconds or minutes depending on your Internet Connection. After it installs it will ask you for your username and password for the new environment. When you finish running the installation you can type exit.


8. Now when you type Bash again into your search window you will see the “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”


9. If you want to put the icon on your taskbar just right click on it and select Pin to taskbar.


10. The Ubuntu Icon will appear on your task bar.


11. To execute it just click on it and your Ubuntu on Windows 10 will open.


12. This is not running as a VM on Hyper-V . You can see that my all my VM’s are poweroff.


13. The binaries are installed in your %userprofile%\AppData\Local\lxss folder.



Now you can have your Windows and Linux together under one environment. Hope this was helpful for you.

What’s next?… maybe running Containers under this new environment well see.  Until next post have a wonderful day.


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