Diane Clay

The Conundrum With Clouds

Blog Post created by Diane Clay Employee on Nov 29, 2017

They’re cute. They’re cuddly. Their cooing is infectiously relaxing. Of course, we’re talking about Tribbles.


The ravenous, furry tribbles complicate a cargo delivery by the Starship Enterprise but save the crew from Klingons in the original Star Trek TV series in “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode that first aired in December 1967. The Captain and crew of the USS Enterprise started with a single cute, fluffy little creature. Innocuous at first, the tribble started multiplying. What began as adorable and harmless was suddenly out of control, and a very real problem.

It makes everyone’s life better and you can have as much as you want in great abundance, until it becomes so disruptive and costly that everything grinds to a halt. It may be less obvious, but now we’re talking about cloud.


Tribbles.jpgI was reminded of the Trouble with Tribbles episode this past week when I was speaking with one of our customers.  They told me that they had a “cloud first” initiative, and had started putting their data into the public cloud.  Easy peasy.  Their first bill was for around $20k per month, which quickly doubled, then doubled again, and again and, well, you get the progression.  Their most recent monthly bill was over $500k, and they were expecting it to hit $1M.  Yep, that is $1M. Per month.  And the kicker to the conversation?  The CTO no longer had any idea of what his monthly costs were going to be, or even which of their data was on the cloud or who had access to it, etc. 


This is not the first time we’ve talked with customers who had bought into the promise of the public cloud only to find out that the reality is not as straightforward as they had hoped for.  Hidden costs, lack of control and concerns about security, governance and compliance can be very real consequences@ of utilizing the public cloud.  Change a setting, add or change a service, change a level, unexpectedly exceeding thresholds – and the costs can skyrocket while you are simply trying to manage your environment. This particular customer asked if we could help him.  He didn’t want to go the route of building his own private cloud – he was aware of the costs and risks involved there.  Did you know that Gartner estimates that 95% of private cloud initiatives run into real problems or fail outright?  Gartner's 95% failure rate.jpg


We offered him a better solution – a pre-designed, pre-engineered private/hybrid cloud that gives all of the benefits of the public cloud – consumption-based pricing, pre-engineered service catalog, self-service, easy to use rate card – all designed to be up and running in as little as 90 days.  Now he can put his mission critical applications where he can control them, but still reap the benefits of the cloud. 


Perhaps a bit reminiscent of the end of the episode when Scotty beams the tribbles onto the departing Klingon warship as he announces: “They’ll be no Tribble at all”.


We believe public cloud should be a part of every Enterprise IT strategy – but not to the point of being costly and disruptive.  Find out how you can strike the right balance between public and private while still getting the public cloud experience from private cloud.  Check out Hitachi Enterprise Cloud, and see how we can help you to Live Long and Prosper!