Dave Hemphill

Viewpoint Street - #1

Blog Post created by Dave Hemphill Employee on Sep 13, 2016

         Working in the Solutions Consulting arena for the better part of a quarter century I thought I would begin to share my viewpoint from "my street" or if you like my corner of the world. I hope for this blog is that the words I write and the information I share is helpful and will facilitate exchange of ideas and perspectives that have a positive impact on the community and readers.


Ever wonder what's down the street? Depending upon where you stand you get a different view.


As it relates to the role of Solutions Consultant with HDS, I try to understand the street and the view my customers are experiencing. When I can connect the products and services we offer with the direction my customers are moving towards I become an indispensable navigator/travel aid analogous to a GPS. Usually I find the ride a great experience and can share in the enthusiasm of reaching our destination together. Are you enjoying the ride with your customers?


We recently transformed the entire infrastructure for a small regional healthcare organization whose main mission is to provide learning and healthcare for at risk children. Understanding their mission and that the solutions we are providing will enable them to operate and deliver a more efficient service to their patients makes the time and effort invested meaningful. When they consider our relationship; they point to our responsiveness, service and support that separate us from their previous vendors. I think at the end of the day, if we travel alongside our customers on their street and look where they are, we can be the difference that counts. And that's a view looks good from where I am standing.