Dinesh Singh

Three Years @ HDS - Straight from the gut

Blog Post created by Dinesh Singh Employee on Jun 16, 2017

Today I complete three years at HDS. Sharing my experience for anyone out there considering their next career move or stepping into the corporate world after a University education.


It feels like yesterday, when I got my HDS badge and was shown my office space and introduced with coworkers. A newcomer to high-tech marketing, full of excitement (and a few butterflies, I admit).  A fresh Georgia Tech MBA with a  gleaming American dream finally stepped into the job market.  Looking back, I am convinced that I made the right career decision. It’s been a memorable journey so far, with deep satisfaction in helping my colleagues, sales and channel partner teams deliver value to customers, growing the virtualization community at HDS while keeping my eyes wide open the whole time, along the way.


I couldn’t be happier to have joined the leading technology powerhouse Hitachi. Have a lot to share, but will focus on five areas of my experience:


Customer Orientation -

Customers trust Hitachi with their business-critical applications and data. Reliability and stability are the hallmark of Hitachi portfolio of infrastructure solutions. IT teams can sleep easy when HDS is at work, or can have happy vacations, without worrying for business continuity like folks below


Three years.png

Hearing customer stories of how responsive and problem-solving our sales and support teams are, fills me with joy and pride that I am at a place, where customers are top priority.


Walt Disney said “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”. Hitachi teams are passionate about building technology that customers love and feel confident talking about it’s positive impact on their businesses. You can read more here. To ensure modern businesses continue to innovate and succeed in the marketplace, Hitachi, offers unique 100% data availability guarantee on its enterprise storage systems, Virtual Storage Platform.


Culture – Peter Drucker said “organizational Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Any organization that cannot connect  the two is risking it’s success. Hitachi is loved by employees, partners and customers because of its core culture of Wa (Harmony, Trust, Respect ),  Makoto (Sincerity, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity) and Kaitakusha-Seishin (Pioneering Spirit, Challenge). Workgroups and teams, regardless of geographic boundaries, join hands to solve issues efficiently and quickly, and become more valuable to customers and partners.


A wise man said, workplaces that convert their employees’ ties into the lasting bonds shared by fast friends will have a thriving community. I got lucky to be @HDS, and have many good friends to cultivate and share my virtues, such as creativity, compassion and community. Also to grab a drink over Warriors game (rooting for Cavs .. shhhhh).

Organizational culture encourages openness and inclusive decision making. Every day, I feel like my work is furthering the objective of the company, which is to make positive changes in society with data-driven insights. I feel appreciated for the work I put in and goals I attain, both big and small. HDS very much values an open door policy we are not constrained by hierarchical boundaries. I have the flexibility to access anyone and everyone in the organization to get my job done.

As in life, uncle Murphy’s law hit me hard a couple years ago, and I was forced to relocate (outside uncle Sam’s territory) for reasons beyond my control. My team leads and friends-at-work supported me through this very forgettable saga and went out of their way to help me navigate the rough waters. Full marks to the team HDS.


Innovation – Hitachi has the highest number of patents in machine learning. 82% of fortune 100 organizations trust HDS with their data, which is lifeline to their survival in many cases. All this, because of the culture of innovation to help customers achieve business outcome faster, better and with less money spent. Some of the leading ones are storage virtualization, Global Active Device, Three-site data center, object storage, integrated systems. List is long. Hearing customers sing praises for the reliability, non-disruptive migration, availability of HDS, fills me with boundless energy. I’m willing to bet millions on the supreme talents of our product management and engineering teams. What makes them unique is despite being tech geek, they never lose sight of the bigger objective, which is to solve customer problems faster, better and with less $$.


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Collaboration – What I like the most about team work here, is that despite having different approaches to solving problems, we are all pulling in the same direction; we want to be the change agent for our customers and help them plan and execute on a digital strategy. Collaborating individuals make Hitachi a learning organization, which optimizes the capacity of team-members to extend beyond their daily routines and stretch the boundaries of the organization.


What’s Next – Hitachi has kept pace with transformation in the marketplace. The journey began as a hardware infrastructure provider which is now led by software and services. Adaptability to the dynamic market needs is also manifested in its evolving product lines. After serving enterprises for decades with file, block and object storage systems, HDS was amongst the first to introduce Converged infrastructure Unified Compute Platform, when businesses began to expect entire data center stack from a single vendor, without the need of on-premises integration. Then over a few years, many customers were inquisitively looking at Hyper-converged infrastructure to reduce their initial outlay and more closely align their IT with business opportunity, hence HDS rolled out Unified Compute Platform HC. Now, businesses need the ability to gain better insight into, not just the human and computer generated data, but also with machine-generated data, and Hitachi is leading the charge with Lumada platform.


Future is bright. Clear vision, executional excellence and supremely talented team indicate just that. If you are interested in learning what’s NEXT with Hitachi, join us at Hitachi’s premier event NEXT 2017 to be better prepared to embrace digital revolution.


Wrapping up with my mantra: Living the dream. Long way to go. Working hard. Fun along the way.