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Simplifying Hybrid Cloud with Hitachi

Blog Post created by Dinesh Singh Employee on Aug 24, 2017

Keeping consistent with our promise to help accelerate our customers’ digital transformation, Hitachi extended its  hybrid cloud strategy with the announcement of Unified Compute Platform RS, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. Hitachi and VMware engineering teams continue to engage and deliver innovative solutions, which solve real world problems and prepare IT teams for future opportunities.


IT teams are looking for solutions that eliminate complexity of planning, installing, managing and monitoring multi-vendor solutions and enhance their ability to deliver IT services for new business initiatives. Hyper-converged solutions addresses some of these challenges by integrating compute and storage in Lego-block fashion for linear scale, eliminating the need for an external storage array. Many customers want to kick the tire with public cloud, and potentially begin transitioning specific workloads for test/dev, DR, seasonal apps, payroll, and more. Besides security and compliance concerns, a major stumbling block for cloud adoption has been the re-engineering applications  for use in public clouds. Customers are looking for an integrated cloud infrastructure , which allows workloads to  be seamlessly transitioned across clouds without manual intervention. They expect to deal with a single management interface to operate virtual infrastructure in private and public cloud environment.


They now have the answer with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS (UCP RS).


UCP RS is a turnkey, integrated, rack scale, hyper-converged solution that delivers the agility and scale to serve technology needs of enterprises and cloud service providers. It combines industry leading compute, software defined storage,software defined networking and virtualization into an end-to-end system to create an integrated Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) experience for customers. You can read the press release here





Customers can look forward to:

Seamless Hybrid Cloud

Many Hitachi customers looking to adopt public cloud for agility and scale, while maintaining the control over IT infrastructure have found a solution in UCP RS. They are looking to run workloads on a public cloud, without  incurring costs to redo workloads, retrain staff or run multiple platforms. UCP RS stretches network across the cloud to allow customers to extend their IT footprint without having to re-architect their applications. UCP RS bridges the gap between in-house IT and public cloud by providing a unified platform across cloud environments. Customers continue to leverage trusted and proven vSphere software, whether for running a new application or porting apps from a private to public cloud.


For customers considering a multi-cloud strategy for cost optimization and flexibility, UCP RS delivers a  common IT platform and management tools across private and public clouds. IBM and DXC are public cloud options, however, the ecosystems is rapidly expanding,  AWS and vCloud Air will soon be available for public cloud consumption on UCP RS platform.


Data Center Transformation

Customers are rapidly embracing software-defined infrastructure for improved cost efficiency and agility to more effectively respond to market developments. Hyperconverged systems such as UCP HS, extended the value of virtualization by delivering scale out compute and storage for better alignment between business needs and IT. UCP RS brings together all three elements of software-defined data center, by natively integrating NSX on top of UCP HC for added granular security and compliance. It allows for the fastest deployment of SDDC.


IT Automation

The critical element behind the rapid deployment and advanced automation with UCP RS is SDDC Manager and Hitachi UCP Advisor. SDDC Manager ties together the unified software defined  platform. Its workflow engine automates the onboarding, configuration and provisioning of hardware and software to reduce the deployment time from weeks to a few hours. Tests done at Hitachi labs show that an entire UCP RS system rack can be made service-ready in less than five hours.


Besides rapid initial provisioning, SDDC Manager and Hitachi UCP Advisor provide end-to-end automation of life-cycle management for hardware and software. UCP Advisor allows power cycling, compute firmware upgrades and node inventory for simplified management. It allows us remote monitoring of your deployment for proactive assessment and troubleshooting.



You can read more about UCP advisor here. UCP Advisor can also be leveraged to manage external VSP storage, without leaving your vSphere web client.


You can learn more about how to maximize business outcome with UCP RS at VMworld Las Vegas in Hitachi’s booth # 1231 at. We will be running live demo of cross cloud workload migration and secure hybrid cloud management.