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Can a Digital Asset Vault Help Minimize Your Data Risk?

Blog Post created by Diane Saucier Employee on Jul 9, 2018

Financial institutions of all sizes are dealing with an ever-increasing volume of emails, instant messages, images, audio recordings, and other types of digital data and communication files. All of those files can be spread across business units and legacy systems, scattered around the globe in different languages and time zones. How can you make sure your organization is compliant with increasingly complex and stringent regulations?



One way to address the challenges presented by unprecedented data growth and escalating regulatory scrutiny is to adopt a content management solution that can help you address those needs. It’s useful to think of a method of storing, managing, and tracking this information collectively in what could be called a digital asset vault.

So What is a Digital Asset Vault?

A digital asset vault helps to ensure your data is secure, accessible and actionable, all while keeping it backed up and reportable for regulatory and compliance needs. It can provide the massive scale and robust object storage, both on-premise and cloud-based, needed to secure your structured and unstructured data, while also providing guaranteed data retention and recovery capabilities.

Utilizing an advanced metadata tagging system that supports quick image storage and retrieval, a digital asset vault enables fully auditable, policy-driven, automated controls for retention, deletion and modification of data across regulatory regimes.

In short, a digital asset vault can help you manage enormous quantities of complex, often unstructured, data that has unique security and compliance challenges.

Building Your Digital Vault with Hitachi Products and Services

A digital asset vault doesn’t come in a box you can order with a credit card. Rather it’s a customizable collection of offerings that can help you stay on top of your regulatory and compliance needs.



By selecting the tools, products and services that are right for you and your business, you can make your data secure and available while reducing the cost of compliance and the risk of non-compliance. IT resources can be freed to focus on technology initiatives while your business leaders are empowered to monetize data-driven insights by efficiently accessing the data they need without compromising security. Ultimately, a digital asset vault approach can provide the best benefit of all:  The peace of mind of a unified, scalable and tightly integrated data source enabling automated policy compliance across all jurisdictions. Ensure your data is secure and available. Put it in the vault.

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