Elizabeth Hoo

Gaining Direction

Blog Post created by Elizabeth Hoo Employee on Aug 8, 2018

In my last blog, I talked about the inspiring conversations I had with others and attending my first user group. In this post, I want to share some of my current projects and the direction Hitachi Vantara is providing me. Every day is unique, and my workload and tasks vary. I have both long term, short term and weekly projects. Like any full-time employee at the company, my work comes in waves based on the needs of the business. As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m still very active in the Customer Reference Center. I’m constantly uploading new information in the database. I have created a few dozen new customer profiles and uploaded over around hundred customer assets. Something that I wanted to focus on this summer was working on my technical skills. This has been a great experience exploring Salesforce and working in the team’s Customer Reference Center, powered by RO Innovation.



Another one of my tasks is to help Caitlin Croft migrate the Pentaho Customer Case Studies to the Hitachi Vantara Website. Since Pentaho is now part of Hitachi Vantara, the Pentaho content needs to be reformatted to fit the new branding requirements. My role is to take the customer case studies and put all the information into a template that the website team will use to place on the new website. Through this process, my business writing skills have greatly improved. I’m learning how to follow and replicate a customer’s voice, so that the case study accurately represents their image. This experience has really inspired me to want to create business content because there is so much influence and power behind customer stories and press releases that contributes to future sales and marketing.


Due to my interest in strengthening my writing skills, I’m also writing customer blog posts. One post that will soon be live is about QNet, which is a global e-commerce platform. I translated their story from a video to a blog which was a challenge, but I loved it. Through this process, I got very well aquatinted with the customer and the solution Hitachi Vantara provided. I learned a lot about the business and the partnership Hitachi Vantara nurtures.


Attending the Pentaho Sales Training was an amazing learning opportunity and introduced me to great people. I was Pentaho Training.jpgexposed to the intricacies of all the different areas of marketing and sales and how everything works together. I didn’t just meet a wide variety of people from different fields, but I meet people from all over the globe. My team consisted of individuals from Canada, Germany, Austria and United States. It was interesting to pick up how one sells a software and I learned how a global company ensures that everyone has the same sales objectives. I understood that Hitachi Vantara aspires to optimize a customer’s potential through innovative technology. People care about their customers and the impact that their product will have on their future. Furthermore, I was able to have some great conversations around different professions and their own perspective of their role at Hitachi Vantara.


Overall, I love working at Hitachi Vantara because everyone is super enthusiastic to share their own professional experience with me and include me in their work. I’m gaining a more detailed view into the different marketing disciplines. I’m constantly meeting new people and growing my connections. I’m extremely grateful for Jonathan Shafer and Caitlin Croft because they are constantly introducing me to new people and providing me guidance. Later this month I’ll be attending the Cloudera event in Mountain View and I’ll report on that in my final blog for the summer.