Eric Hibbard

Digital and Virtual Assets and Divorce Court

Blog Post created by Eric Hibbard Employee on Jul 31, 2014

My work in the American Bar Association (Information Security Committee, Cloud Computing Committee, and the Electronic Discovery & Digital Evidence Committee) as well as serving as an ISO Editor for the draft ISO/IEC 27050 (Information technology - Security techniques - Electronic discovery) standard bring me in regular contact with the U.S. legal community. As a technologist (I'm not a lawyer), some of these encounters can be worrisome and more than a little eye-opening.


As a case in point, I noted with some amusement a recent article on the Dallas Divorce Law Blog that virtual and digital assets are now on the table for division during divorce proceedings. This potentially means that your music and movies in iTunes could be up for grabs. I could also mean that your apps and ebooks are in play as well. Speaking of playing, what about those game environments that you spent so much time and money working on...I'm a big Clash of Clans fan. So much for being amusing.