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What's New with Smart Data Center

Blog Post created by Eric Silva Employee on Sep 25, 2018

Optimizing all the applications, storage and servers in a data center is a really tough task. It's one that never ends. It's a constant daily grind of observing, reacting and closing IT service tickets. Something that is very challenging for a career and only a few dare live to tell the tale. Even fewer have the daily responsibility of operating tens of data centers. I can only imagine their daily habits to stay sane. It must be a fairly impossible task. I looked after just one data center and after 3 years of that left IT for good. I truly understand some of their pain. Managing many data centers for optimal efficiency and service is beyond challenging and time consuming. It's an herculean task. So how does any CIO,CEO or board room expect this same busy team of IT experts to have the time and resources to investigate, analyze, implement and operate the latest innovations in in artificial intelligence (AI)? It's an unrealistic expectation.


AI, machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and predictive analytics are relatively new and not well known technologies in the traditional data center. To remedy this situation Hitachi Vantara along with some of its largest customers, co-created Smart Data Center. Smart Data Center takes this challenge head on, accelerating IT's use of AI, IoT, ML, and analytics so businesses can reap the benefits of lower data center operating costs, lower risk and optimized service levels. It is a complete, subscription-based solution that can be delivered relatively quickly yet still be customized since no data center is exactly the same.


Smart Data Center leverages advanced analytics to provide global dashboards that help optimize global data center service health, capacity management, performance management, and cooling:

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By advancing the use of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Smart Data Center solution creates self-optimizing data centers that lowers the burden on IT resources, lowers costs, and reduces risk. It continually uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify opportunities and recommendations for optimization. Smart Data Center also provides the ability to perform AI-based simulations that allow customers to evaluate future scenarios before taking action on their behalf


We are announcing 3 new Smart Data Center features to coincide with our customer event Next 2018 this week; cooling optimization, SAN optimization and auto-provisioning.


1 - Smart Data Center cooling optimization uses machine learning, IoT temperature sensors, and closed-loop control to proactively monitor and analyze data center cooling, self-correct temperature and airflow issues, and provide IT administrators with improved operational control. Cooling optimization provides the following benefits:

  • Increased data center capacity through more efficient cooling
  • Lower thermal risk to all equipment reducing chances of failure or service degradation
  • Overall lower energy costs through intelligent data center cooling




2 - SAN optimization lowers storage costs with real-time, continuous optimization of SAN resources that enables efficient and cost-effective use of storage assets. It also identifies when hot and cold spots are developing within to help ensure efficient utilization of storage assets and placement of storage in appropriate tiers based on costs and defined service performance requirements. Smart Data Center advanced analytics continually identifies and provides recommendations for restructuring of service tiers for over used or under utilized storage resources.

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3 - Smart provisioning automates storage provisioning including the integration with IT Service Management (ITSM) applications to automatically take control of and close storage provisioning related service tickets. Smart Data Center customers benefit from time savings by reducing the number of manual changes in the data center, reduced data center and IT services downtime, and improved operational and regulatory compliance. Smart provisioning capabilities also free up budget and SAN resources for allocation to other strategic projects.

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