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2 Reasons For A.I. In The Data Center

Blog Post created by Eric Silva Employee on Oct 4, 2018

Long ago in a galaxy far away....I was part of a team responsible for about 80% of a very large data center .Over 4,500 devices supporting over a 1/4 Trillion dollars in retirement assets, 100's of client service phone reps and phone lines, and of course all the employees and executives of the corporation relied on it for their daily work. Keeping that complex and critical data center running 7x24x365 was not easy. We had

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great service levels and hit them consistently. But we were constantly fire fighting one portion of the data center while trying to upgrade another. Our job was to keep the entire organization airborne and flying smoothly. For any large organization, IT services are critical and they must be consistently operating at peak performance in order to remain profitable and competitive.



Two challenges I just heard echoing from data center managers I met at Next 2018 (our annual customer conference) rang true to my IT data center management experience:
1.) Fixing recurring or related service disruptions. We know we had this problem or something very similar occur last year end. How do we fix it now? We would search prior service tickets and see if we can quickly locate and then repeat the same fix. Our data center future and past was always a bit blurry and out of focus.

2.) Predicting and budgeting for when we would need more or less resources. It seemed to be a consistent problem. From poor budget estimates to massive growth or downturn, somehow we were quickly low on space or suffered performance issues for new IT projects and had too much assigned on another.

If you are running a large, complex data center perhaps these sound familiar. Similar to airline pilots, data center managers rely on their own experience and agile adoption of new technologies to deliver the best possible service with the lowest risk. Many IT organizations struggle between delivering IT operational excellence and evaluating and adopting data center analytics, automation, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).Image result for like changing the tire on jet plane while taking off

Hitachi Vantara understands this data center management dilemma. So we co-created with our customers a complete solution to accelerate the use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in the data center to lower risk and enhance IT services. To learn more - check out this Storage Swiss webcast recorded LIVE at #Next2018 in San Diego last week.