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Global Leader Deploys Hitachi Smart Data Center

Blog Post created by Eric Silva Employee on May 31, 2019

In the highly competitive and regulated field of financial services and insurance, providing IT services that exceed your customers’ needs and your competitors capabilities is a top priority. While many often think of finance and insurance companies as monolithic, large and slow dinosaurs, historically they have been technology and customer service innovators and consistent achievers of first mover advantage.  From implementing scalable main frame systems, 7x24 telephone support to real-time services via your mobile phone, technical innovation is critical to financial and insurance companies. While operating they also focus on reducing business costs and risks to free critical funds for innovation and customer-focused delivery of services. Reducing risk also ensures regulatory compliance to avoid costly fines or possible litigation. 


So it should come to no surprise that a global innovator in the financial and insurance markets is seeking to leverage the latest in AI to gain competitive advantage. Like most highly profitable, global organizations, this big player has much at risk within their data centers. They are cost conscience and move meticulously and cautiously as they implement any change their. After their technology review processes, they decided now is the time to act. They want to accelerate their utilization of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI is to achieve the following business outcomes:

  1. Consistently meet or exceed SLAs to deliver even better customer experiences
  2. Adapt faster to changing market and business needs and bring new, value-added services to market faster
  3. Lower their cost and risk associated with managing a globally dispersed, complex, multi-data center environment

    Smart Data Center provides actionable insight for budgeting, capacity and performance management:Smart Data Center from Hitachi Vantara advanced analytics

To achieve these goals and remain a market leader, their financial and insurance products need to be innovative and customer driven. Information is the most significant asset for them to be customer driven. Being able to access this information, up and down the IT stack, associate it with customers, markets and internal business units, and then analyze and manipulate it in a timely manner is critical to their product development. In order to accelerate the use of AI  and automation in their data centers, they are deploying Smart Data Center from Hitachi Vantara. Smart Data Center is a pre-engineered, subscription service that accelerates and maximizes the value of predictive analytics, automation and AI for the data center. Smart Data Center accelerates IT services, enhances customer experience and reduces risk across application lifecycles.


Smart Data Center now optimizes their data center cooling systems in real-time providing 30% expected annual energy savings*, increased data center cooling capacity, and less thermal risk:

Accelerate and Optimize IT Services

Data center complexity is on the rise as they adapt to support the changing scale and rhythm of the business. Many companies today now scale to millions of transactions a day and change their infrastructure daily in order to keep up with the petabytes of new data created annually. This specific large global player has over 48PB of storage, thousands of applications and 65,000 virtual and physical servers over tens of sites. Their initial goal is to provide global capacity visualization across multiple dimensions including but not limited to; infrastructure and devices, applications and business units. This will enabling them to better manage demand, align storage performance to business requirements and understand and control costs. Smart Data Center provides near real time dashboards and reporting back to IT and the business units. Today they are using Smart Data Center advanced predictive analytics to forecast and optimize storage capacity and utilization in days when it used to take weeks or even months to gain an accurate, global view. Next, they will expand to reporting of their database and container development environments. Once they have gained the insight on these growing areas they will then begin to automate many of their common IT tasks.

Smart Data Center delivers a global view across many data center dimensions, including servers and applications:

Smart Data Center from Hitachi Vantara reports on virtual machines

This global leader will continue to optimize IT services with the help of Smart Data Center predictive analytics and IT automation. These innovative technologies, delivered as a service from Hitachi Vantara, will allow them to consistently deliver faster and better business outcomes. As an agile organization, speed of delivery of IT services is critical, it makes them faster to market, giving them a competitive edge. With Smart Data Center this global company can now see their entire current and historical global IT service consumption for the first time. They can now more accurately predict and control growth and costs of current businesses but also the delivery of new services that is so critical to their success. They are in better command and control of their entire application infrastructure. See Smart Data Center in action. 








*based on customer survey of over 100 customers