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The Proliferation of S3 Enables New Opportunities for HCP

Blog Post created by Jim Ash Employee on Sep 16, 2016

Amazon’s S3 has accelerated adoption of Object Storage and expanded the use cases for technologies like HCP. I’d like to highlight several solutions that have built-in S3 tiering/backup functionality that can utilize HCP for cloud storage.

I know one of the questions I will be asked is “are these solutions certified?” The answer is “no” or "not yet". Certification between platforms is becoming less and less likely (and less required) as a result of the proliferation and adoption of the S3 API and the cloud storage platforms using it. So don’t let that stop you from talking to clients about them.


  • Oracle’sSecure Backup Cloud Module” (OSBC) allows customers store backups to “Cloud Storage” using RMAN’s SBT interface. One of the best write-ups on “Why Backup to Cloud Storage” is included on page 4 of Oracle’s White Paper on their OSBC module, have a read and use it when talking to your customers about backup up data to “clouds”.


  • IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS V1.1 is a new software offering that lets customers take advantage of the flexibility and economics of cloud storage for the z/OS mainframe environment. Cloud Tape Connector enables tape data to be easily copied to one of the popular cloud storage environments (Hitachi HCP, IBMCleversafe®, IBM SoftLayer®, Amazon S#) where it can be easily and quickly recalled, and where data status can be monitored. IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS can be used for any z/OS data that can be written out to tape (it is not restricted to DFSMS-managed data).



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