Jim Ash

Creating a better Object Store experience with Brocade vADC + HCP

Blog Post created by Jim Ash Employee on Oct 14, 2016

Check out Brocade’s vADC and how it enhances our customers’ experience with their HCP environment. The vADC has been deployed with HCP in dozens of accounts over the last year allowing customers to deploy the kind of system they are expecting when it comes to resilience, scale, performance, & overall end-user & admin satisfaction.


Key benefits of the vADC + HCP combo deliver are:

  • Simplicity in deployment & configuration.  By putting the vADC in place, customers reduce the DNS requirement from full zones & complex integration to a simple ‘A’ record & IP address for the entire HCP cluster.
  • vADC also provides extensive communication monitoring, detailing what is causing the most traffic on the HCP system, and where there might be network issues.
  • vADC also allows for tuning and SLA’s for the HCP system in general - even to the extent of individual namespaces, if needed.
  • vADC allows for HCP performance enhancements, by providing SSL termination & faster processing of HTTP packets.  With vADC, 100% utilization across the HCP nodes can be achieved, ensuring that we do not have hotspots or in-efficient utilization of the cluster.
  • vADC helps are customer’s HCP systems scale.  As customers add new nodes to their cluster, or even add new clusters to the data sets, vADC can provide global load balancing and a much more streamlined failover process (while still only utilizing the single IP previously configured). 


Jim Ash
Hitachi Data Systems