John Camins

The HDS Global Systems Integrator Ecosystem - Introducing the Integrated Solution Series

Blog Post created by John Camins Employee on Oct 16, 2013

Enterprises today have to chose from a richer selection of technologies than ever before when looking to solve business challenges.  Complex solutions are not only dependent on technology, but the way in which it is integrated into your business.  In this environment, a three-way collaboration between you, HDS, and your Global Systems Integrator partner is required to realize the full value of business and technology investments.  Access to expertise in technology and the strategy in which it should best be deployed can make all the difference.   HDS provides market leading technology, delivered to your business by the powerful consulting, management and integration capabilities of our Global Systems Integrator partners.


In my first blog in the HDS Community, I introduced the HDS Global Systems Integrator (GSI) partner ecosystem.   To get you more familiar with what makes the HDS relationship with our GSI partners unique, I will be posting a series of blogs to give you insight into our strategic HDS and GSI integrated offerings.  In each of these blogs, I will present an overview of a business value oriented holistic solution, built to address common challenges an enterprise faces.  I will be highlighting individual solutions that feature a different GSI partner where we have integrated our offerings to create a holistic approach to solve complex real-world business and technology issues.  I will work my way through each GSI partner in our ecosystem to demonstrate the great work we are doing together.


From listening to what our customers (you) need and want, HDS and our GSIs build high integrity and high value integrated solutions with a single focus: serving our customers and helping them solve their toughest problems.  Not only do we provide technology, but work together to guide you along the path to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  These integrated solutions are all about delivering value to your business.  Our real strength comes from combining the talents and capabilities of both HDS and our GSI partners to address your needs.


Look for my first HDS and GSI integrated solution blog very soon.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how it addresses the challenges you face today, as well as those you see coming in the future!