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Introducing Hitachi's Video Management Platform

Blog Post created by Keith Roscarel Employee on Mar 15, 2016

Hitachi's Video Management Platform (VMP)  has been created to address a fundamental need at the medium-to-high-end of the market for a highly available, robust, converged hardware stack that is optimized for video processing for large numbers of cameras. The overall design is such that cost and performance are balanced with primary considerations for high throughput, redundancy and a fault-tolerant architecture that is unmatched in the industry. At the same time risk is minimised through leveraging  standardised, repeatable and scaleable architectures that are built using proven state of the art technology platforms.

Hitachi's Video Management Platform

We Offer a Comprehensive Data Centre (and Edge) Solution

Our solution includes (as a standard offering):

  • Hitachi Compute and Storage
  • Brocade Fibre Channel Switching
  • Brocade or Cisco IP Switching
  • VMWare Virtualisation
  • Hitachi 'Hi-Track' Monitoring, proactive hardware monitoring.

For archiving, we can seamlessly tier video content from online storage to Hitachi Content Platform Object Storage.

We Design Specifically for each Video Management System - We support major platforms including Milestone Verint, DVtel, Genetec and many others. Each design is architect-ed specifically for each VMS provider.

We Package it with Hitachi Visualisation Suite - Hitachi Visualisation enables massive consolidation of multiple CCTV systems onto one geospatial surface and allows for real-time sensor and data integration, workflow and predictive analytics. This can be deployed as a Public or Private cloud.

Hitachi Visualisation Suite

We can Provide and Integrate Extensive Video Analytics Solutions - Video Analytics is the process of extracting data from a video stream to perform functions such as license plate reading, intrusion or object detection, counting people in a room and identifying vehicles on a highway. Scaling a platform to incorporate wide-scale video analytics requires significant compute resources which we can readily accommodate with platform scale.

We can Package Hitachi Facial Recognition - Hitachi provides two highly sophisticated and 'best in class' facial recognition technologies, Live Face Match for live authentication and search, and, Similar Face Search for large scale recognition solutions.

Hitachi's Live Face Match is 15+ year old technology offering high confidence matching at relatively low resolutions and frame rates


Hitachi Similar Face search can locate up 32 million faces per second

If you are looking for a robust end-to-solution that is highly scalable, I invite you to consider Hitachi Video Management Platform.

For further information, here is a Hitachi Video Platform for Security whitepaper that highlights some of our architectural considerations