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Reduce the Mirai Virus by 80%. Deploy the Hitachi Video Management Platform

Blog Post created by Keith Roscarel Employee on Oct 22, 2016

The Mirai Virus has doubled in the last month. News reports are singling out the world of IOT but according to a number of security analysts and providers, the culprit is the security recording devices known as the 'DVR'.

According to Level 3 Threat Research Labs, the vulnerability predominantly lands on security DVRS deployment and platform vulnerabilities ( See blog - How the Grinch Stole IOT)

"The majority of these bots are DVRs ( greater than 80 percent) with the rest being routers and other miscellaneous devices, such as IP cameras and Linux servers. The devices are often operated with the default passwords, which are simple for bot herders to guess. From the source code it has been found that Mirai’s scanning protocol utilizes a list of generic and device-specific credentials to gain access to susceptible devices."

Why An Enterprise Approach is Essential

Knowing but not acting on these security risks would be unacceptable to most organisations:

  • Physical security may be fundamentally compromised. Premises can simply be robbed with the criminal's knowledge that security controls can be temporarily interrupted.
  • The brand value of an organisation could easily be catastrophically affected. Some examples may include terrorist access to critical infrastructure such as utilities, loss of intellectual property and tampering of health products.
  • Recovering from these major incidents may have significant cost and 'return to revenue' ramifications.

Cyber security and downtime, major threats to any security platform

An appropriate enterprise platform in conjunction with; standard IT compliance and auditing procedures would eliminate the above threats.

An example Security Framework - Hitachi Cyber Security

Hitachi's Video Management Platform (VMP)

As a result of best practices in security and enterprise, the Hitachi Video Management Platform is not susceptible to the Mirai virus. In fact, Hitachi has addressed greater virus and other cyber security measures since the inception of these threats. The platform is designed ‘from the ground up’ to counter any likelihood of virus infections. The platform can readily support essential Enterprise Security Solutions such as fire-walling, anti-virus and intrusion detection.