Lauren Klein

Will it hurt? A Year in Review

Blog Post created by Lauren Klein Employee on Jun 10, 2014



“No, it will feel like a pinch.”  I stated a decade ago before my two daughters asked before their annual vaccinations.   Using the word ‘pinch’ while softly taking my daughters tiny little arms ever so gently and pinching the skin while I said the word would elicit a familiar stinging sensation all the while holding my hand for safety and support.  Why pinch them you ask?  This allowed my daughters to remember they survived shots AND they can do it again. A standard operating procedure (SOP) I learned from my mother, a retired nurse and professor of Ferris State University.   Thanks mom!


I used the same tactic up until the ‘birth’ of the HDS Community by supporting; Nick Howe, Jeff Maaks, Nick Gable and Michelle Groff Burling.  I extended my hand to support through sharing a few stories such as:  social manners, blogging, open innovation, football and big data, social acumen and leadership skills .  Activated a few global technical leaders: Nick Toosz-Hobson, Paul Lewis, Lewis Winning, John Camins, John Pilger, Michael Hay, James Cater.


Based on feedback from several community members, we started a monthly scheduled conversation called Office Hours which allow you to dialogue with HDS leadership via HDS Community on a particular industry topic before, during or after the event.  Our desire to minimize time zone or one and done event challenges  by offering you another way to engage in the on-going conversation with HDS.


Thanks Nick Toosz-Hobson for highlighting the ‘pinch’ and I was honored to be on your blogging journey.


What do I hope for in the next year?  More crowd work, co-creation, hackathons, sandboxes and HAT trick conversations that allow all of us to drive new business results.


In closing on this momentous occasion, I sincerely hope you will find the courage to reply, comment, and blog to innovate with information with all of us at Hitachi.