Lauren Klein

HDS recognized as finalist for best-in-class solution award category in helping employees, partners and customers better connect, communicate and collaborate

Blog Post created by Lauren Klein Employee on Oct 27, 2014


Congratulations to members as our HDS Community was nominated as a finalist in the Engaging Customers category during Jive Software annual end user conference last week, for this we are most grateful.  Our team also shared our use case experiences with over 200 attendees titled, “Engaging the Organization – Adoption Strategies” after the 8am keynote with CEO Tony Zingale, CMO Elisa Steele and the popular band OK-GO.  Our meeting room was full and we were fortunate to have many of the attendees interest based on the prolific question and dialogue during and after our in person presentation.    In fact, the conversation continued onto twitter with several people sharing salient points they learned during our session.



#JiveWorld 2014 attendees inspired our team as we look forward to evolve our HDS Community and program together.


After reading the article from Work Design Magazine by Dr. Charles Grantham, a thought leader in ‘future of work’, I was reminded around the importance of reviewing our emergent work styles to get work done together.